‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Actor Reunited with Ron Howard in Classic ‘Happy Days’ Episode

by Megan Molseed

In the 1960 premiere episode to the iconic sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show, audiences were introduced to a variety of characters including the show’s star, Mayberry Sherriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith), and his young son, Opie who was portrayed by Ron Howard.

Most of the players introduced in the premiere episode of the iconic series continued their Andy Griffith Show roles for years to come. However, one role in the premiere was famously one-and-done.

This was the role of Rose, the Taylor family’s housekeeper who was portrayed in the episode by Mary Treen.

In the premiere episode, Rose was introduced to audiences as the beloved longtime housekeeper and caretaker of the Taylor household.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Premieres With A Sad ‘Goodbye’

However, as the iconic series was just beginning, Rose’s time with the family was coming to an end.

She was moving on from her role as the Taylor’s housekeeper after marrying Wilbur Pine. The couple eventually left town, despite young Opie’s attempts to keep her from leaving. As Rose prepared to leave the Taylor residence, she calmed a devastated Opie. Reassuring the young boy that she would someday return. At least for a visit.

However, despite this promise, Treen never did revive her role as Rose in the long-running CBS series. Mary Treen did, however, come back to the series two times over its run. Treen returned portraying Clara Lindsey a good friend of Rose’s replacement on The Andy Griffith Show, Andy Taylor’s Aunt Bee. However, Treen’s new character had little connection with Andy Taylor and his young son.

Of course, this meant that young Opie never did officially reunite with his beloved housekeeper before the series ended in 1968.

A sad fact for sure. However, Mary Treen and Ron Howard did eventually get their reunion. As another classic sitcom did bring the two actors back together.

A Happy ‘Happy Days’ Reunion!

In a 1975 episode of Happy Days, Mary Treen found herself again playing opposite Ron Howard once again. The actress took a guest-starring role in an episode titled Howard’s 45th Fiasco.

The hilarious episode features the show’s patriarch Howard Cunningham (Tom Bosley) as he’s experiencing a bit of a midlife crisis as his forty-fifth birthday fast approaches.

In order to cheer Howard up, the Cunninghams, including his teenage son, Richie, who is portrayed by Ron Howard, decide to celebrate him. With a surprise party that includes a version of This Is Your Life.

One of these people just so happens to be a former teacher of Howard’s, Mrs. Prism. Portrayed by non-other than Mary Treen.

Of course, this isn’t the heartfelt reunion young Opie hoped for as he said goodbye to Rose on The Andy Griffith Show fifteen years earlier. But, it was a hilarious call back for fans of the show. Watching the two acting together, yet again, as they found themselves reconnecting in the long-overdue reunion!