‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Don Knotts’ Daughter Opens Up About Why She Wrote Memoir About Her Dad

by Michael Freeman

To say Don Knotts was a fascinating individual is doing him an injustice. From the quirky characters he played like Barney in The Andy Griffith Show to his numerous movie appearances, he had a lot going for him on and off the sets. As such, his daughter, Karen Knotts, wrote a memoir about him and disclosed what prompted her to do so.

Karen Knotts recently spoke to Fox News about her father’s memoir, Tied Up in Knotts: My Dad and Me. It details growing up with Don Knotts but also details lesser-known aspects about him like his personality off-screen. The interview opened up with the news outlet asking why she wrote the book. To put it simply, people told Karen she should. “People have always told me I should write a book about dad. But I was really busy pursuing my acting career and comedy. So I had no interest in it. But as the years went on, several of my father’s friends started to pass.”

Realizing that the people closest to him were passing away, Karen knew if she wanted to write the book, it had to be sooner rather than later. “I started to realize that I should take the time to write this book and reach out to those who knew him that were still around, those I’ve never even known about,” she stated. “I went to his hometown and put the word out on the radio that I was looking for stories from people who grew up with my father.”

Reception to Karen Knotts’ request was phenomenal, with crowds of people showing up to talk about her father. That served as incredible motivation and spurred her writing the book.

Some of Don Knotts’ Fans Leave his Daughter ‘Frustrated’

A star of Don Knotts’ caliber means he’ll have a huge fanbase and within that fanbase are people with frustrating outlooks. Karen Knotts understands this all too well, but one quality of her father’s fans still leaves her “frustrated.”

Talking to Page Six, Karen highlighted one of her father’s most fascinating aspects: his personality. “There was something about my dad,” Karen stated. “Even I noticed like there was something about him that drew you in.” However, she says her fans often think about him only through the characters he plays. “People always tend to associate him with his characters,” she said. “And that frustrated me because I thought my dad was so interesting.”

According to her, Don had a “magnetic” personality and only thinking about him as his characters do him a huge disservice. “Like you could just be sitting and having a normal conversation with him,” she added. “And you would just be staring into his eyes, like trying to figure out what he was really thinking. There was something magnetic about his personality.”