‘The Andy Griffith Show’: One Star Quit Shortly After Appearing on Show

by Michael Freeman

The Andy Griffith Show has always been a television classic. Many actors and actresses got their starts or at least gained visibility when appearing on the show. However, in one person’s case, their career ended shortly after their appearance.

Beverly Tyler was an actress many assumed had a huge career in front of her. Focusing more on acting than anything else, she appeared on The Andy Griffith Show in the episode “Barney on the Rebound.” Despite avoiding romantic relationships for the longest time, shortly after starring on the show, she found her future husband. She promptly quit acting forever once she married Jim Jordan Jr. to fully focus on her family.

MeTV reports many in Hollywood suspected Beverly Tyler had a long, promising career. She grew up singing in the church choir in her free time and her getting discovered is an amazing story. Traveling to New York with her parents and a friend named Patty, they happened upon the MGM offices during the trip. Patty dared Beverly to go into the building and ask for an audition. Her parents agreed and all of them went inside.

Beverly’s mother showed talent scouts some clippings of her radio work. As she began singing, the scout asked her to stop, leading her to believe they didn’t like her. Luckily, it was the opposite, and they wanted to take her to Hollywood. Training her to act, sing, and dance in secret, they thought of Tyler as a secret weapon.

Though her acting prowess was impressive, she never got leads in notable movies and shows. She avoided romance to focus on acting the entire time and finally appeared on The Andy Griffith Show years later. Ironically, she found her future husband immediately after and abruptly stopped acting.

How Don Knotts Ended up on ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ After the Pilot

Beverly Tyler acted opposite Don Knotts in the episode she appeared in and disappeared shortly afterward. Meanwhile, Knotts wasn’t even originally part of the show and was written in.

Though a show staple, it may surprise you to learn Don Knotts wasn’t originally planned to be in at all. Appearing on Foundation Interviews, Andy Griffith talked about early episodes of his signature show. Initially having no comic relief, that job fell to Griffith at first.

After the pilot aired on The Danny Thomas Show, Don Knotts gave Andy a call to ask about it. Griffith told Knotts he wasn’t aware the actor was out of work, to which Knotts replied he was because “Steve was canceled.” The name “Steve” refers to The Steve Allen Show. Griffith then told him to call the co-creator and executive producer of The Andy Griffith Show.

With Knotts there, Andy could play the straight and Knotts could be the comic among the two. Thanks to him, Griffith said, “Mayberry became a living town.”