‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Icon Ron Howard Set to Receive Huge Award

by Chase Thomas

Hollywood legend Ron Howard and early star of The Andy Griffith Show is set to receive yet another huge award. This time for filmmaking.

Howard is set to earn the Motion Picture Sound Editors’ Filmmaker Award. A tremendous honor for Howard. He receives it in March of 2022 at the 69th ever Golden Reel Awards.

The MPSE President told Deadline of Howard, “Ron Howard has inspired and delighted movie lovers worldwide with a body of work incredible in its scope, broad appeal and consistent excellence.” Whether it was the hit show Parenthood or a film like A Beautiful Mind, Howard has done it all in Hollywood, dating back to his time as a child actor on Andy Griffith.

The president continued, “His tireless imagination and generous spirit serve as an example to all of us involved in the art of filmmaking. We are proud to present him with this honor.”

Ron Howard As A Director And Producer

As we mentioned above, Howard has thrived in Hollywood in a variety of roles. But it can be complicated to operate in both worlds as Howard does.

Howard told Collider, “A long time ago, I stopped trying to look at projects as genre exercises. Early on in my career, when I had basically been a sitcom actor for all of these years and I made my first movies and they were comedies and they were successes, it was very important for me to stretch, and Parenthood was one of those films. Even though it was a comedy, there was a great deal of authentic drama in the piece as well. In the last 10 or 12 years, I’ve just looked for ideas and great characters that I relate to and that I think I can offer something to the audience, and I no longer look at them as experiments or genre exercises at all.”

What Made ‘Parenthood’ Special for Ron Howard

It was about the ideas and the characters for Howard and it’s not about the other stuff. It’s interesting that he mentioned Parenthood, too, as he did the film, but also the show many years later on NBC. Both were hits for very different reasons.

Howard nails what made the movie and show so special where he said, “It’s about parenting. Ultimately, it’s about the unbelievable ups and downs of parenting, the absurdity of it, the pain of it and also, significantly to me, the nobility of it. But, it’s also just about being responsible and being in a family. That always creates great suspense and great drama, and that was the thing that Jason started talking about. And we felt that he could take this idea that meant so much to Brian and I, this idea, and bring it forward to today, in a way that was compelling.”

To show it all, the good and the bad and how difficult it really is. The show and movie don’t pull punches in this regard. That’s why both were so well received at the time.