‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Two Mayberry Actresses Portrayed the Same Woman on ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’

by Jonathan Howard

Hollywood is a strange place and a small community. 60 years ago two actresses from The Andy Griffith Show portrayed the same character on another show. It was the early 1960s and Carol Veazie and Isabel Randolph had quite a bit in common.

You may recognize those actresses by their names in Mayberry. Veazie and Randolph played Mrs. Wicks and Mrs. Bixby respectively on the show. Each was a member of the Women’s Historical Society, keeping track of the town stories and secrets.

In the episode, A Plaque for Mayberry, the WHS explains the story of Nathan Tibbs. He was a man that during the “Great War of Independence,” burned down a bridge to prevent the British from crossing. He did so after running eight miles in the snow, try doing that Paul Revere.

However, it was after this episode of The Andy Griffith Show where these actresses played the same character. Veazie started out as the role of Rob Petrie’s mother on The Dick Van Dyke Show. She appeared as Clara Petrie in 1961. She was on the show along with another Mayberry alumni, Will Wright who played Ben Weaver in the small idyllic town. Wright played as Rob’s father on Dick Van Dyke.

After just one episode as Clara, Veazie was replaced with Randolph. The character only shows up once a season on the show. However, after that original appearance each time Clara Petrie was on screen she was portrayed by Randolph. With the nature of the industry at the time, it is no wonder there were so many shows that featured the same actors. The Andy Griffith Show led a lot of folks to other places in their careers.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ What Happened to Opie’s Friend Arnold?

Over the years, The Andy Griffith Show featured so many wonderful and colorful characters. Mayberry was just like many small towns in some ways. Everyone always thinks of Barney Fife of course, but there were other characters that went on to do other things after Mayberry.

One of the characters of interest has to be Opie Taylor’s friend, Arnold. Arnold Bailey was played by Sheldon Collins. Well, that was his acting name. His real name is Sheldon Golomb. In one episode, Opie is in love with his first school crush. He wants to ask her to Arnold’s 13th birthday, but things are not going to plan. Opie tells his friend how he feels.

“Even when I ask her for an eraser, my mouth gets all dry,” Opie complained. “So, you’ll have a dry mouth when you ask her,” his good friend Arnold replied.

Over the course of The Andy Griffith Show, Arnold made appearances on nine episodes. Those shows premiered from 1966-1968. The last episode the young character appears in is The Church Benefactors. Afterward, he gave up on acting and instead became a dentist.