The Beatles Legend Ringo Starr Remembers Charlie Watts in New Interview: ‘A Beautiful Human Being’

by Anna Dunn

The Beatles legend Ringo Starr talked about Charlie Watts in a new interview. Watts was a drummer for the Rolling Stones and passed away on August 24th. Watts was with The Rolling Stones since 1963.

“He was a beautiful human being,” Starr said in an interview with The Daily Mail. “Charlie was a great guy and a lot of fun and he had a harder band than I did to keep together.”

Before he passed away, Watts announced to fans that he wouldn’t be joining The Rolling Stones on tour due to health concerns. He didn’t want to delay the tour any longer, as it had already been delayed for a year due to COVID-19.

Watts died at 80 years old. He passed away peacefully in London.

Starr and the rest of The Beatles partied hard with the Stones in the 70s. Charlie Watts was always the sweet one. As Starr said, Watts is a huge reason the band managed to stick together during their more turbulent moments. And of course, he was known for his unfathomable talent as a musician.

“I had a party in the 70s and I had a drum kit up in the attic. Charlie came and so did John Bonham and so we’ve got three drummers just hanging out and Bonham got on the kit. But because it wasn’t like when you’re on stage and you nail them down so they’re steady it was just there. So, as he was playing, the bass drum was hopping away from him,” Starr recalled.

But even during a wild party, Watts was always willing to lend a helping hand to his fellow musicians. He sprung into action, holding the bass drum down to the floor so John could play.

“We will miss Charlie. He was a beautiful human being… He was like The Quiet Man,” he said.

The Rolling Stones Kicked a Recent Concert With a Dedication to Charlie Watts

The Rolling Stones are about to officially kick off their tour. In the first show since his passing, the fans had an emotional concert without their drummer.

“Let’s have a drink to Charlie!” Mick Jagger said to the crowd.

“Charlie, we’re playing for you man, we’re playing for you,” bassist Ronnie Wood said.

Drummer Steve Jordan will perform with the stones on their tour. The stones have played a couple of shows in the states, but the tour doesn’t officially start until September 26th in St. Louis, Missouri.

Watts left a massive mark in the rock community and the outpouring of love received after his death attests to the true depth that mark had. While the Stones may be continuing the show without him, it’s clear he’ll be deeply missed.