‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Announces Two Concerts in Oklahoma

by Amanda Glover

Actor Barry Williams is bringing back “The Outsiders” in an upcoming concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In a recent Instagram post, the former “Brady Bunch” star shares a flyer for his upcoming show starring Barry Williams and The Traveliers. The 67-year-old singer and actor’s 70s-themes poster features his band, and 39-year-old pictures of five of the cast of “The Outsiders.”

The caption for his post reads, “Our Big Announcement is finally here! Barry Williams and The Traveliers will be playing at the legendary Outsiders House Museum on Saturday, May 7th, and Sunday, May 8th in Tulsa, OK! It is the Stay Groovy Stay Gold concert for Mother’s Day weekend. Click on link for advance ticket sales.”

Born in Branson, Missouri, the “Brady Bunch” star and The Traveliers perform classic rock, country, and pop music. They interact with their audience by sometimes teaching choreography to the Sunshine Day dance from the Brady Bunch, learning to Hula, or participating in a Limbo or Conga Line. Guitar player and vocalist, Mike Ristau transformed his guitar chords into sounds including fiddle, saxophone, organ, and more. The band also engages in multimedia by showing William’s Brady home movies.

‘Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Reflects on If His Children Would Follow Profession

In a recent interview with Best Life, actor and singer Barry Williams reveal whether or not his kids have any plans on following in his professional footsteps. The former star of iconic “The Brady Bunch” is a proud parent to daughter Samantha and son Brandon.

“My son is a musician, but also a full-time student, and hasn’t made any [comments] about going into that as a profession. My little girl is a natural. She’s got a big personality, but I am not sure she would choose [showbiz] as a profession, either. You know, I’m a dad, so I would be 100 percent supportive of whatever they chose to do,” Williams said.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Cast Continues to Keep in Touch

Barry Williams is proud to admit he still stays in touch with the cast of “The Brady Bunch.” After five years on a show together, it’s not unusual for castmates to build relationships offscreen.

To this day, Williams considers his former co-workers his friends. In 2019, fans got the privilege of seeing the cast together again. This happened when they all reunited for the HGTV show “A Very Brady Renovation.” The series showed the cast renovating the house that was featured in the exterior shots on “The Brady Bunch.”

Even today, the show continues to impact the lives of all ages. Barry Williams even brought up the fact that there are gaps in generations growing up with the show.

“We have three generations of people that grew up with us at different times,” Williams recalled. “There are a lot of people our age, some a little younger than that, and the grandkids. There has always been a sense of curiosity about us. Now that we’ve grown up, what are our lives like? What’s that world like when the Brady kids are moms, dad, grandmas, and grandpas?”

There you go, Outsiders. No matter how long a show has been on the air, it can still create positive memories.