‘The Brady Bunch’: Barry Williams Explains How Cast Is ‘Bonded’ for Life

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Just one look at the headline and you’ve probably already got the theme song to “The Brady Bunch” stuck in your head. The American sitcom debuted over 50 years ago and continues to impact several different generations. The idea of generations was also somewhat central to the cast and plotline with the Brady children spanning across a wide timeline of ages. We got to see them grow up and heck, some of us grew up right alongside ’em!

Barry Williams played the eldest Brady son on the show, Greg Brady. A natural-born leader, an academic, and a sportsman. We often saw him act as the mastermind behind the Brady siblings’ crazy antics and no one could ever deny the fact that he was a great big brother. The best part is that Barry Williams says the bond the cast shared was never fabricated. In fact, he tells Fox that the cast is “bonded for life.”

Barry Williams Gushes About His Co-Stars From ‘The Brady Bunch’

Fans of “The Brady Bunch” will be excited to hear that some of the original cast members have a Christmas movie coming out soon. The project sees Barry Williams reunite with Christopher McKnight, Susan Olsen, and Mike Lookinland. Although it couldn’t reunite all the Bradys, Williams says it brings the holiday cheer we all desperately need this year.

Before any of the cast members felt fame, all they knew was the set of the show and all they had was each other. Ultimately, that’s what Williams says they bonded over.

“Because of the experiences that we had in life — filming, promoting the show, traveling, recording, touring — it was very unique and it was challenging,” says Williams. “We had to protect each other. Think of it like being in a little bit of a cocoon and then coming out, only to be recognized and being famous. We were the only ones that could rely on each other. We trusted in each other and got along with each other. So we looked out for another. And I think that bonded us for life.”

Bringing Back Johnny Bravo

In a recent tweet, Barry Williams brought back a pivotal alter ego that his Greg Brady character earned during Season 5 of “The Brady Bunch.” Remember Johnny Bravo? The star revived this character’s album and hinted it might make a perfect last-minute Christmas present.

Check it out: