‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams and His Wife Halloween Decorate His ‘Holiday Tree’

by Joe Rutland

It really is not the holiday season without a smidge of “The Brady Bunch” included in the mix. We have you covered with Barry Williams and his wife.

Williams, who played Greg Brady on the TV sitcom, shared a picture on Instagram of the “Holiday Tree” at his home.

Check this out!

What a nice tree to celebrate the entire holiday season.

Williams did marry Tina Mahina in 2017.

“The Brady Bunch” ran for five seasons on ABC between 1969-74. Williams is a part of the show as the sons of Mike Brady, played by Robert Reed, along with Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland. Knight played Peter Brady, while Lookinland was Bobby Brady.

Since “The Brady Bunch” left network TV, it’s been one of the big favorites in syndication. New generations are being introduced to the show and they follow the antics of the family.

In a little trivia tidbit, Williams is the oldest-living cast member of “The Brady Bunch.” He took over that title when Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady, died in 2016. Williams is 63 years old.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Shares A ‘Cringe-Worthy’ Moment From TV Show

Outsiders, you may think that “The Brady Bunch” cast didn’t have to deal with cringe-worthy moments.

Well, listen to Barry Williams talk about one episode.

During the sitcom’s final season, Greg and Marcia, played by Maureen McCormick, have a discussion or debate (it’s up to you) over which gender can drive better.

OK, so this happens after Marcia gets her driver’s license on her second try.

What happens next? Oh, Carol and Mike put together a driving course. They get to go out there and prove who was the better driver.

Listen to Williams talk about “The Driver’s Seat” in an interview with the New York Post.

He also called it a “stupid episode.”

After Talking About That Episode, He Tells New York Post About His Favorite One

Oh, there’s more vitriol from Williams.

“I told the writers at the time that no one would ever believe it,” he said. “It had to with Marcia and Greg competing in a driving contest with an egg on top of a cone, and then Greg was supposed to lose. Well, c’mon … you mean I’m gonna knock the cone off for real? I just hit the accelerator and closed my eyes and cringed.”

See, there really are some actors who do not always like what they’ve been given to do on the screen.

Now that we’ve talked about a cringe-like moment, what was Williams’ favorite moment from “The Brady Bunch”?

“When we went to Hawaii [for the trilogy episode “Hawaii Bound”],” Williams said in the Post interview. That episode and the one to the Grand Canyon got them away from the show’s Paramount Studios set.