‘The Brady Bunch’: Barry Williams Wishes a Happy Veterans Day While Attending Military Film Festival

by Kati Michelle

Barry William Blenkhorn. You might not know that name, but we’ll bet you remember Barry Williams. The American actor and singer/entertainer took on the role as the eldest of the Brady sons on the hit ABC TV series, “The Brady Bunch.” The show followed the funny antics of their blended family while also delving out life lessons.

As today marks Veterans Day, a good episode to rewatch from the series is Season 3 Episode 20 “Sergeant Emma.” In the episode, Alice’s cousin watches the Bradys while Alice is away. As a former master sergeant, Emma enforces a brand new military routine. It’s a light-hearted reminder of the sacrifice that so many take for the country every day. On that note, how did Barry Williams spend this Veterans Day? Well, his Facebook page tells us he attended a military film festival this year.

Barry Williams of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Takes a Trip Down to Branson Missouri to Support the Troops

Here’s the photo that Barry Williams shared from the 9th annual Military Film Festival in Branson, Missouri:

He wishes everyone a Happy Veteran’s Day as he poses with some of the heroes from the day’s event. Williams mentions catching the film festival at Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex. The event was produced by Colonel James Wilhite who also wrote and produced “We Answered the Call: Building the Crown Jewel of Afghanistan.”

“Shoji Tabuchi: An American Dream” follows the story of Shoji Tabuchi who was born in Japan in 1944. His family relocated from Daishoji to Okayama, near Hiroshima. He talks about the devastating effects of the atomic bomb from his parents’ perspective and how he decided to follow his own dreams of becoming an entertainer overseas in the US. More specifically, he shows his journey to becoming a world-renowned country fiddler.

The IMAX venue released its full line-up so you can explore all the different films and their descriptions here.

How Did You Spend Your Veterans Day?

Did any of you run into Barry Williams at the film festival? Were you one of the lucky folks who were able to make it to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and lay flowers down for the first time in a whole century? Did you bump a patriotic playlist with Kevin Costner’s “The Angels Came Down?” Here’s what Yellowstone National Park did this year to honor the veterans who now work for the park.

We want to know how you spent this Veterans Day. Let us know on our Facebook page– we love hearing from Outsiders all over the country! Our thoughts are with those that pledge and protect as well as all of their families. As long as Outsider exists, that won’t ever change. THANK YOU!