‘The Brady Bunch’ Cast Opened Up About Setting Foot in the HGTV Recreated Brady Home

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

When “The Brady Bunch” cast reunited for the HGTV project, “A Very Brady Renovation” in 2019, it was filled with surprises. 

The original “The Brady Bunch” wasn’t filmed in an actual house, but on a set. However, the shots that showed the outside of the house the Brady family lived in were shots of a real house! A few years ago, HGTV put together a plan to renovate the home used for those outside shots. The end goal was to make the house look just like the original set, bringing the dream of the Brady Bunch house to life. Alongside crews and HGTV icons, the original cast joined to help with every step along the way in the renovation process. 

In an interview with late night show host Stephen Colbert, the original cast shared what it felt like to actually set foot in the real house for the first time. Maureen McCormick tells Colbert she wanted to buy the house. “Even though I had never been in and it looked nothing like it, it’s the house! So, it was either that or stage 5. I can’t buy stage 5 on the Paramount lot,” she laughed.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Cast Shared An Odd Experience

Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady on “The Brady Bunch” chimed in to tell the show host how odd the whole thing was. When it comes to what it was like to be in the house, Knight says it was a “mind-expanding experience.” More strange than that though, would have been watching how the original cast reacted to being in the home, he says. “But odder than the first-person experience,  is watching us inside of that house. It’s not a set anymore, because we’re a lot bigger. And a bit older.” 

Eve Plumb added that the home had “..real stone, real wood. It feels so comfortable I forget I’m not on the set.” According to the actress that played middle daughter Jan Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” the most exciting part of the renovation project was the fact that the cast members were actually able to participate in the dirty work. “That was what was so exciting was getting to actually work. Work with tools, work on the demo, work on the shopping,” she explains. 

Mike Lookinland, aka youngest brother Bobby Brady, added that parts of the “A Very Brady Renovation” project were tough. “The toughest part for me about watching this show is one of the best things about the show, which is that we’re not playing characters,” the actor explains. “We’re being completely ourselves. So I’m watching the show and I’m thinking, ‘That’s what I sound like?’” 

‘A Very Brady Renovation’ Gave Maureen McCormick a Flashback To the Past

The cast also had a chance to reminisce while they completed the home. Maureen McCormick shared how much it “freaked her out” when she saw the master bedroom in the home. The actress explained that the on-set version of the bedroom is where Florence Henderson and Robert Reid did so many of their scenes. Both Reed and Henderson have passed away since the original “The Brady Bunch” was made. McCormick shared with Colbert, “I still grieve Florence’s loss. She taught me a lot about learning to find joy in my life in a whole new way.”