‘The Brady Bunch’ Cast Reuniting for New Christmas Movie: How and When to Watch

by Courtney Blackann

“The Brady Bunch” delighted audiences everywhere for years. And now fans can get excited over a new Christmas special. The cast is reuniting as a gift to us all this holiday season. And since the Lifetime Network really knows how to get us excited, the Christmas special will air as a part of the ‘It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Christmas’ bundle.

The project is a part of actress Haylie Duff’s spin on a Christmas romcom, per PEOPLE. The premise of the movie surrounds a girl who brings her boyfriend home to her family – which happen to be played by original “Brady Bunch” cast members Barry WilliamsChristopher KnightMike LookinlandSusan Olsen and Robbie Rist. It all comes together in “Blending Christmas.”

In a teaser for the new movie, the trailer opens with “Will this romantic holiday getaway be ruined by a Bunch… of unexpected guests?” We can only imagine the fun and trouble the young couple will get into with the former family comedy cast.

Directed by Marla Sokoloff, premieres Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime. You’re definitely not going to want to miss this one!

“The Brady Bunch” Creator’s Daughter Gets Acting Advice from Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson was known as the sweet and iconic mother Carol Brady on the show. She was witty, smart and stoic both onscreen and offscreen. Henderson lent her talents to others as she could. This includes a time where she gave the show creator’s daughter some acting advice.

Interestingly, creator Sherwood Schwartz’s daughter, Hope Juber, says she often spent her days on the set of “The Brady Bunch.” It’s not wonder then, that she picked up a few tips while hanging out. Additionally, she got to know the cast pretty well. And Henderson took Juber under her wing to lend a few tips about the world of Hollywood and acting.

Juber spoke about Henderson’s influence in an interview with MeTV and had this to say about the actress:

“I remember when I was 15-years-old, Florence came to see me play Anne Frank in a production of ‘Diary of Anne Frank.’ She spent a lot of time with me afterward, giving me encouragement and her thoughts about my performance,” Juber said.

Additionally, Henderson also said it only felt natural to take the then 15-year-old and give her some advice.

“I’m the youngest of 10 children,” she told FOX, “And yet, I always feel like the mother of my siblings. That’s just the way it is. I have four children. I have five grandchildren. And, I don’t know, it’s like I’ve always been a caregiver.”

Further, Henderson also had strong thoughts about children in the industry because of her protective nature. She was definitely a protector to her “Brady Bunch” family, but the most people remember the actress for being sweet and nurturing to every young actor or actress she came into contact with.