‘The Brady Bunch’ Stars Christopher Knight and Barry Williams Launching a Podcast About the Show

by Suzanne Halliburton

True crime podcasts are so popular these days. But what about true TV and a series on The Brady Bunch as told by the self-described “Real Brady Bros.”

Barry Williams and Christopher Knight, aka Greg and Peter from The Brady Bunch, announced plans Wednesday night for an upcoming podcast. It’ll be devoted to all things Brady Bunch.

Knight gave the podcast a shoutout on his Instagram, writing:

“I’m excited to announce Barry and I started a podcast. On The Real Brady Bros, nothing will be left unsaid as we let you in on every nuance of what it was like back then, and what it’s like now being a Brady. ⁠
First episode launches on February 1st available where ever you get your podcast! Check out the trailer available NOW when you click on the bio link.⁠”

The Brady Bros Are Going to Let the Brady Bunch Episodes Tell the Story

It’s been almost 53 years since The Brady Bunch premiered, with the series telling the story of how a lovely lady met a man named Brady. They each had three kids. And for five glorious years, the country was enamored with this blended family.

So what may Williams and Knight discuss? Here’s how they’ve officially introduced the pod:

“Every week, The Brady Bros will recap a particular episode of the iconic Brady Bunch, recollect on the production, the adventure, the misadventure, the reaction and how each show resonated with the viewers. They’ll also delve into how the show relates to the present day with special guests who love and live all things Brady. One thing’s for sure: The Bradys will live in Americana forever, and we’re here to make sure that podcast listeners become privy to every detail!”

Well, there are 117 Brady Bunch episodes so that’s a literal buffet of memories, good and bad. Plus, there are decades of life to share. Williams, at 67, is the oldest Brady kid. Knight is 64. They’ve done a whole lot of living since The Brady Bunch went off the air in 1974 with an episode called “The Hair Brained Scheme.” That’s when Greg bought some hair tonic from little brother Bobby. The tonic turned Greg’s hair orange right before his graduation from high school. Williams now rocks gray locks.

Count on Chats about Johnny Bravo with Pork Chops and Some Sauce

Maybe we can get a hint from Knight’s hashtags, specifically #porkchopsandapplesauce and #johnnybravo, on which episodes might be first up in the podcast que. We are talking the “Brady Bros.” And these two episodes probably are the best known for Knight and Williams.

The pork chops and apple sauce line is from the Brady Bunch episode called The Personality Kid. It ran in October 1971. Back in 2019, Knight told Forbes that fans asked him to say Peter’s famous lines at least “once a month or twice a month. As I’ve gotten older, I think it’s become a little less comfortable for individuals to ask a sixty-year-old man to say, ‘Pork chops and apple sauce.’ But when I was younger, it would be requested of me quite frequently.”

Johnny Bravo is in reference to Adios, Johnny Bravo and it first aired Sept. 14, 1973. The Brady kids auditioned for a talent show. Some talent agents wanted to sign Greg and make him Johnny Bravo. But it was all about a suit and not Greg’s voice.