‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Says Christmas Movies Are ‘Tapping Into the Same Thing’ as Classic Show

by Chris Haney

On Thursday night, The Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight shared a clip from an interview where he compared Christmas movies to the classic ’70s sitcom.

Knight starred in the series from 1969 to 1974 as Peter Brady, the middle son of Mike and Carol Brady. While it wasn’t the most popular show on TV while it aired, it became part of American television history in syndication. The sitcom’s fanbase continued to grow through the years as the wholesome family comedy spanned generations.

The Brady Bunch is so engrained in American television that it became part of pop culture. In fact, Hollywood even reenergized the series with multiple The Brady Bunch movies in the 1990s. Additionally, Lifetime brought some of the actors together for a Christmas movie that will air during the holiday season soon. Knight and his siblings in the sitcom Mike Lookinland, Barry Williams, and Susan Olsen each starred in the network’s TV movie Blending Christmas.

While making an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show recently, Knight opened up about making the Christmas movie. He said they’re fundamentally similar to the The Brady Bunch.

“As I looked at it, and we’re doing a Christmas movie, it dawned on me that Christmas time, Santa Claus, and the feeling is very similar to what the Bradys present… year long,” Knight explained. “There’s this holiday season where everybody is cheerful and nicer to one another. And it makes us feel warm and cozy, and good inside. It’s kind of like what The Brady Bunch provides. So in a way, all these Christmas movies are tapping in to the same thing.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Explained Why the Show Resonates After All These Years

In September 2019, Christopher Knight and the remaining stars of The Brady Bunch celebrated the show’s 50th anniversary. During one of many interviews the cast did that year, Knight spoke about why the sitcom still resonates with fans decades later.

The Peter Brady actor shared his thoughts as to why generations of fans feel so connected to the show. Knight thinks nostalgia passed down from one generation to another plays an integral part in it.

“I think it’s now a nostalgia thing, but initially it was a child’s show for children to tap into. And then it became nostalgia as soon as people got old enough to look on what they consumed as a child. We’re doing that right now. Regardless of whatever generation you are… it’s the same loop for everyone, regardless of their era. The Brady Bunch has never not been around [it seems],” Knight explained to the NY Post.