‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight’s Newest Post Will Take Fans Back

by Suzanne Halliburton

Oh, Peter must’ve been up to something. That’s what you’d expect from the middle child of The Brady Bunch, right?

Christopher Knight, who played Peter on the iconic show, tossed it back to the early 1970s with a Tuesday Instagram post. It looked like Peter from very early in The Brady Bunch run.

“A mischievous grin don’t you think?” Knight wrote in the caption of the snap.

Did you notice that Knight tagged his post with #porkchopsandapplesauce? That’s probably Peter Brady’s most memorable episode. Knight told Forbes magazine back in 2019 that he still gets asked about that specific episode, which first ran 50 years ago last month.

“I’m asked to say it once a month or twice a month,” Knight told Forbes. “As I’ve gotten older, I think it’s become a little less comfortable for individuals to ask a sixty-year-old man to say, ‘Pork chops and apple sauce.’ But when I was younger, it would be requested of me quite frequently.”

Knight added: “You’ve got people in Australia who are tickled in the same way that it’s tickled somebody in Omaha, Nebraska,” he adds.

Want to relive that Brady Bunch moment again, Outsiders? Check out the clip:

The Brady Bunch episode was called “The Personality Kid.” And here’s what happened. Peter attended a party where only one kid even talked to him. Talk about a childhood horror. And then that kid told Peter he was too boring. So Peter was desperate for a new personality. Why not copy someone else’s? Like Humphrey Bogart, who he saw in an old movie.

The pork chops and apple sauce line ended with “that’s swell,” but that part gets left out of the retelling. He had the conversation with mother, Carol, and housekeeper, Alice. It’s while the two were fixing dinner time.

But because it was The Brady Bunch, the kids needed to learn a valuable lesson. Mike Brady told Peter he needed to define his own personality. You can’t borrow it from another person. So Peter told his dad “all the great personalities belong to someone else.”

Knight likes to use his Instagram account for posts chock full of nostalgia. Earlier in the month, he used a photo from The Brady Bunch episode Peter and the Wolf. He used the photo to hype his “Movember” challenge with Barry Williams, who played his older brother, Greg. The episode was a Brady Bunch milestone. It was the 100th in the series that ran from 1969-74.

Since we’re on a groovy Brady nostalgia trip, here’s what happened in the episode. Greg has a date with Sandra Martin. But she informs Greg that her cousin, Linda, is coming to town. If Greg can’t find a date for Linda, then she’s canceling. But Sandra hasn’t seen her cousin in six years, back when she had braces and wore her hair in pigtails. None of Greg’s friends would go out with Linda without knowing what she looked like. So Greg got Peter to put on a fake mustache and pretend to be an older guy from another high school so he could go on the double date.

Stick with Outsider for more Brady Bunch nostalgia. It never gets old, right?