‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Reflects on Touching Photo of Himself and Florence Henderson

by Courtney Blackann

Christopher Knight of “The Brady Bunch” recently took a minute to post about his sweet onscreen mom Florence Henderson. The two attended an event prior to her passing and appeared to be glowing in their formal attire and bright smiles.

In an Instagram photo, Knight shared the moment, letting fans know just how much he appreciates the woman who was so nurturing to everyone on set while filming the family show.

“She stole the spotlight as expected,” Knight captioned the photo.

Several fans agreed, sharing their love for the original Carol Brady and how she affected their lives.

“We have our own beloved mommies, but if ur really blessed heaven sends u one more! Little did she know, every Friday night heaven blessed us all,” one poster says.

Another Instagram user added, “Beautiful picture of the 3 of you. Still can’t believe she’s gone. Her memory lives on forever. She will always be “a lovely lady” and TV’s best mom ever! How lucky you and all the rest of the cast to have known her and worked with her.”

Further, one fan reminisced on Henderson’s influence, thanking Knight for sharing the memory.

“Christopher this is an awesome, phenomenal, spectacular photo. Florence Henderson, Barry Williams. And Christopher knight what a special photo. Thank you so much for sharing.”

“Brady Bunch” Star Shares Tribute to Florence Henderson on Anniversary of Death

While Christopher Knight remembers his TV mom fondly, the other original cast members also shared Henderson’s warm character.

Maureen McCormick said in a 2019 interview with Fox News that she was inspired by the actress.

“The biggest life lessons I have learned came from Florence, and that was, being able to find joy like in a big way. I mean, I spent a lot of time with her before she passed away. And I truly believe she taught me so much about finding joy, and I feel such joy again in my life. You know, I’ve gone through so many different things in my life… pretty amazing,” McCormick says.

She goes on to share some positive advice and encourages fans to live like Henderson did.

“Be around positive, good people that lift you up, that doesn’t tear you down, but just want to nurture you, and you want to nurture them, and you all work together. You know, I think that’s really important,” she said.

Henderson tragically passed away in 2016 at the age of 82 on Thanksgiving Day. She suffered from heart failure, which was her cause of death. The actress had a long career in Hollywood but she’s most remembered as being the beloved Carol Brady.