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‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Throws It Back To ‘a Brady Family Moment’ with Former Costars

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

On Wednesday night, The Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight posted a throwback photo of the six Brady children together and all grown up from just a couple years ago.

The classic television show only aired for five seasons from 1969 to 1974. While the sitcom didn’t have critical success while on-air, it later became a staple of TV viewing in syndication. Multiple generations of fans have grown up loving The Brady Bunch, and that’s why interest in the show still stands to this day.

For the six children on the series, the actors grew up for a large portion of their childhood on the show. That includes actor Christopher Knight who portrayed middle brother Peter Brady. Knight began acting on the series at just 11 years old, and was well into high school when the show went off-air. Now, the 64-year-old is a successful businessman, but he still occasionally rejoins his TV brothers and sisters here and there.

That was the case two years ago when all six kids from The Brady Bunch came together for a joint interview. In September 2019, the cast joined host Andy Cohen’s “Deep And Shallow Interview Special With The Cast Of The Brady Bunch.”

Barry Williams, Eve Plumb, Maureen McCormack, Christopher Knight, Susan Olsen, and Mike Lookinland were all there. They came together in New York City for the SiriusXM Radio show, and revisited their experiences together on the classic TV series. Knight shared a photo from the day on Instagram with his followers and called it a “Brady family moment.”

“A Brady family moment not that long ago.⁠ #PeterBrady #porkchopsandapplesauce #thebradybunch,” Knight wrote on Instagram.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Explained Why the Show Resonates After All These Years

That same year, The Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight gave another interview to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic show. While speaking with the NY Post, he opened up about why the series still resonates with fans all these years later.

Although the show was somewhat short-lived, generations of fans have grown up watching The Brady Bunch. It continued to grow in popularity in syndication as mentioned before, and eventually became part of American pop culture. Re-runs, numerous parodies, and a 1995 movie all contributed to the show’s lasting influence on fans across the world.

While speaking to the outlet a couple years back, the Peter Brady actor shared his thoughts as to why he thinks the series still resonates with so many people. Knight explained that he thinks nostalgia from one generation has a lot to do with it.

“I think it’s now a nostalgia thing, but initially it was a child’s show for children to tap into. And then it became nostalgia as soon as people got old enough to look on what they consumed as a child. We’re doing that right now. Regardless of whatever generation you are… it’s the same loop for everyone, regardless of their era. The Brady Bunch has never not been around [it seems],” Knight explained to the NY Post.