‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight and Barry Williams are Entering a ‘Moustache-Off’ for Great Cause

by Suzanne Halliburton

The two older brothers from The Brady Bunch are planning a “moustache-off.” And by month’s end, Christopher Knight and Barry Williams may be looking scruffy, but forgive their look. It’s for a good cause.

November is Movember. You’ll see Grow a Mo, Help a Bro a lot this month.

Knight, who played Peter on The Brady Bunch, first posted a throwback photo on Instagram. Stick with us for more about the infamous Brady episode from 1973, but first, here’s what the photo signifies in 2021.

Knight wrote: “It’s that time of year again. MOVEMBER! This year, to show my support for this great cause that raises awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health, I am issuing a CHALLENGE.

“This challenge goes out to my Brady Bro, Barry Williams. Barry, I challenge you to a “Moustache-off”.

Knight continued: “That’s right, I challenge you to grow your best moustache and I will grow mine. We can let our social media friends and followers decide “who wore it better.” Barry, do you accept this challenge? Doing the right thing wins every time. It’s time we do the right thing to promote men’s health this Movember. Grow a MO. Help a BRO. Get involved. You’ll be glad you did.”

And yes, Williams, aka Greg Brady, accepted. He posted a recent photo of himself, with no facial hair. It can be a terrific before-photo in an eventual how it’s going meme.

Recognize That Photo from a Classic Brady Bunch Episode?

Now, about that Peter Brady photo Knight posted. It’s from a Brady Bunch episode called Peter and the Wolf. It ran on Oct. 12, 1973. (Yes, that Peter facial hair was a fake ‘stache.). And the episode also represented a Brady milestone, since it was No. 100 in the series, which ran from 1969-74.

Here’s the gist of the episode. Greg has a date with Sandra Martin. But at the last minute, she tells Greg that her cousin, Linda, is coming to town. She’s not going to dump her cousin for a date with Greg. But if Greg finds someone for Linda, they can double. Only problem is Sandra hasn’t seen her cousin in six years. The last time the two hung out, Linda had braces and wore her hair in pigtails. so none of Greg’s friends would agree to a date.

So Greg convinces Peter to be “Phil Packer,” who goes to another high school. Greg tells him how to act like a high school senior, rather than his goofy younger brother. And part of the older act entailed Peter wearing a fake moustache.

Guess what? Linda turns out to be gorgeous. The cousins figured out Peter was a fake Phil, although Peter thought he was a real ladies man.

Keep your eyes on the social media accounts of Knight and Williams to see which Brady Bunch brother can grow the best moustache. Hopefully, neither’s ‘stache will look as fake as Phil’s.