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‘The Brady Bunch’ Creator Sherwood Schwartz’s Daughter Recalled Famous Frog-on-Head Scene

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Darlene Hammond/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Being the daughter of one of the biggest showrunners in the world has its perks, but this isn’t one of them. Hope Juber, daughter of Sherwood Schwartz, appeared in several episodes of The Brady Bunch, including some of the most iconic episodes. But the life of a guest star on a hit television show can be rough even if your dad is the boss.

Juber appeared in The Brady Bunch episode “Greg Gets Grounded” as his date to the drive-in movies. In an iconic scene, Peter Brady forgot his jumping frog in Greg’s convertible. As Greg goes to make his move, the frog douses cold water on the moment by landing on Juber’s head.

It’s one of the moments from the show that ends up in every clip retrospective. Though, no one realized that during filming. They just wanted to get it over with.

“That scene was crazy!” Juber told MeTV. “It was filmed on a soundstage and there was a sort of platform rigged up that went over the car where Barry [Williams] and I were sitting. There was indeed a ‘frog handler’ who was lying down with a sack of frogs. … The guy would drop a frog on my head at the appropriate time, but they were slippery and often just slid right off onto my lap. So they would have to stop, redo my hair and try again.”

Lloyd Schwartz wrote in his book Brady, Brady, Brady that the frogs were funny, but they were a pain to wrangle. That’s mostly because their croaks were so loud that they would blow out the actors’ microphones. And making them jump on cue was a tricky problem at first, as well. The crew eventually realized squirting it with a water gun would make them move.

Several ‘Brady Bunch’ Episodes Were Based on Sherwood’s Daughter

Hope Juber appeared in several episodes of The Brady Bunch, but she’s actually in more than her IMDb page would lead you to believe. But not in the way you’d think.

Writing for teenagers isn’t easy. So Sherwood Schwartz turned to an expert in being a teenager in the 1960s — his daughter. Her real-life escapades were the inspiration for several episodes of The Brady Bunch.

“Things would happen at school, and I would come home and share the day’s news. And then it would end up as a storyline on an episode,” Juber said in the documentary The Brady Bunch Exposed. She didn’t say which episodes were directly ripped from her life, though.

But it’s not flattering, she said, to see someone play out your life on a television screen. It’s disorienting.

“Mike Brady would come in and say ‘pumpkin’ and talk like that and I remember like three weeks before my dad doing that … thinking ‘I don’t want my life out there. This is my life’ … and that was kind of surreal,” Juber said.

Lloyd Schwartz said he would often hear something said in his house that ended up being on the show weeks later.

“One of the criticisms of the show was, ‘That’s not real life.’ Well, you know, it was my real life,” he says in the documentary. “So, I had a tough time with that criticism because that’s the way my parents would talk to me.”