‘The Brady Bunch’ Creator Sherwood Schwartz’s Daughter Revealed Surprising Details About the Set

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Paramount Television/Courtesy of Getty Images)

Many “Brady Bunch” experts can say they know everything about the show, but creator Sherwood Schwartz’s daughter lived the show and knows lots about the set.

Hope Juber, like many fans, didn’t know the show would become a 1970s phenomenon. People who grew up watching the show still talk about it, quote lines and even learn from it. The show’s legacy has lived on and on for 52 years.  

Juber had a special connection to the show as she lived through it during her teenage years. MeTV caught up with the actress, writer, and producer. The television channel may have revealed a few more things that the typical fan might not know.

‘Brady Bunch’ Set Had Quirks

When it came to the set, fans picked up on a few continuity things now and then. Many were hip to the exterior house shots, not jiving with the interior parts of the house. Other odd things were the astroturf lawn, stairs that went nowhere, and the sliding doors with no glass.

Juber said she thought fans would be “surprised” to see how the actual set worked. Many areas let actors and visitors set and watch filmed scenes with no problem.

“Brady Bunch” Fun Meant Frog Hair, Fun Mothers

In a 1973 episode, she played Greg Brady’s date, Rachel. One moment she’s ok and the next, Bobby’s pet frog jumps on her head. The actress remembered the child actors coming to watch the scene and leaving because they laughed too loud.

“That scene was crazy,” Juber said. “It was filmed in a soundstage, and there was a sort of platform rigged up that went over the car where Barry [Williams] and I were sitting.”

Juber said a “frog handler” would drop a frog onto her head at the right time, but they were slippery and would often slide into her lap. She said the production crew would have to stop and redo her hair and try a few times again. According to IMDB, the episode was the third to feature Juber, and she played Greg’s girlfriend just the second time.

Also, show mom Florence Henderson and housekeeper Ann B. Davis were like mothers to her. Both women were very supportive of Juber’s work.

“I have so much love for both of them, they were so nurturing and engaging,” she said.

Juber recalled drawing a design for Ann B. on her director’s chair, and the woman needlepointed it. The woman said Davis was warm, and they kept in touch with her family until Davis died in 2014.

As for Henderson, Juber encouraged her by attending a play. At 15, Juber played Anne Frank in a “Diary of Anne Frank” production, and Henderson talked about her performance. 

Juber Close With Cast, Had Fun On Set

The woman said she developed a tight bond with Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams because they were close in age. Henderson’s daughter, Barbara Chase, also appeared on the show and was part of the group.

She said they all did the usual things, hanging out at each other’s house, going to Disneyland, and so on.

Many Juber experiences turned into her dad’s show plots. One episode where she got disinvited to a slumber party turned into a story with Marcia on the show. And she wasn’t too thrilled about it.

The woman talked about her teenage years with angst, and then her experiences would turn into “Brady Bunch” story plots. 

“When things I considered private showed up on the screen, I wasn’t always happy about it,” she said