‘The Brady Bunch’: Florence Henderson Was ‘Heartbroken’ Over Ann B. Davis’ Death

by Joe Rutland

Everybody loved Alice on “The Brady Bunch.” When actress Ann B. Davis died, though, it hit Florence Henderson really hard.

Henderson, who played Carol Brady on the ABC sitcom, talked with Fox News back in 2016 just before she died.

She was asked if the matriarch of the Brady clan kept in touch with the cast.

“I do keep in touch with my Brady family,” Henderson said. “I was heartbroken over the loss of Ann B. Davis — Alice. She was such a great friend and a great talent. But I do keep in touch with them. And they all turned out to be really wonderful adults.”

Davis played Alice Nelson, the family housekeeper, for all five seasons “The Brady Bunch” was on network TV. But fans would flock to the show in syndication. Generations of new viewers are always finding the sitcom.

Prior to joining the family-friendly show, Davis earned two Primetime Emmy Awards for her work on “The Bob Cummings Show.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Said Henderson Was Team Player With Co-Stars

People know that some actors don’t necessarily like working with children. This was not the case, though, for Henderson.

Olsen, who played the youngest sister Cindy Brady, remembered Henderson as being all in with the show. She died in 2016 at 82.

In an interview with Fox, Olsen said, “Florence was the ultimate team player. She not only got along well with cast members but everyone on the set — electricians, makeup, everyone was a respected team member and one of her goals was to get everyone home to their families as soon as possible.”

Henderson knew she was working with children. Olsen said Henderson would actually goof up on lines so the kids could laugh.

“That said, if time allowed, she enjoyed creating deliberate bloopers,” Olsen said. “She would purposefully screw up a scene to get everyone laughing. Florence was all about putting smiles on peoples’ faces!”

Davis Recalled Henderson Having Quite A Singing Voice When On The Set

Davis also had some kind words about Henderson, too.

In 2004, Davis did an interview with the Archive of American Television. She said that Henderson was a songbird, saying that Henderson had a singing voice that put everyone else on set to shame.

Davis said Henderson was a “nice lady, nice lady. Talented.”

“She used to drive me crazy,” Davis said. “Florence had this voice of hers, which she was born with. She doesn’t have to hum or warm up, she’d walk on the soundstage going (mimics her singing).”

Davis said Henderson had “this beautiful voice” and didn’t need to clear her throat. At the time, Henderson was doing a show called “Song of Norway.”