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‘The Brady Bunch’: How Many Times Maureen McCormick Has Played Marcia Brady After Show Ended

by Allison Hambrick
(Photo by Mike Pont/WireImage)

Since The Brady Bunch ended in 1974, Maureen McCormick has stepped back into the role of Marcia Brady a handful of times.

First, she reprised the part in The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. That series ran from 1976 to 1977, and the original cast all reprised their roles aside from Eve Plumb as Jan Brady. It was followed by another spinoff, The Brady Brides in 1981, which featured McCormick and Plumb as the Brady sisters. Like The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, it only lasted a handful of episodes.

Throughout the next 20 years, McCormick starred as Marcia Brady in a few made-for-television movies. These include: The Brady Girls Get Married, A Very Brady Christmas, and Bradymania. She also had a number of Marcia-related cameos as herself on shows such as Scrubs.

While she didn’t play Marcia Brady, McCormick did also make numerous appearances alongside her former television siblings. Most recently, the former Brady Bunch actors starred in the HGTV show A Very Brady Renovation. The series saw them team up with the Property Brothers, Drew and Johnathan Scott, in order to remodel the iconic Brady Bunch home.

“I’ll always be struck by how much a part of people’s lives Marcia is and always will be,” The Brady Bunch star once explained of her association with the show. “But now I’m not bothered by the connection. It took most of my life, countless mistakes and decades of pain and suffering to reach this point of equanimity and acceptance.”

The Brady Bunch Star Talks Positives and Negatives of Show

Understandably, McCormick had both highs and lows when growing up in the spotlight. In fact, the actress developed a cocaine addiction following The Brady Bunch. According to the actress, her rock bottom came during the development of The Brady Brides.

“My agent had to go to the sixth floor, climb into my place, tear off my clothes and get me in the shower,” McCormick remembers. “He said, ‘You have to get to Paramount right now, and you have a problem.’ I couldn’t hide anymore. Everyone knew—the producers knew, everyone at Paramount knew, the guys testing to play my husband knew. It was the first time I had to face that I really had a problem.”

However, after sobering up, McCormick began reflecting on the positives of being Marcia Brady. In particular, she said her costars were what made the experience special. She explained: “My favorite memories of filming, I think, are when we weren’t filming, and we were just hanging out on the set as friends and spending weekends together. It was so beautiful, it was great. It was like a second extended family…and still is.”

The stars of The Brady Bunch remain close, and they continue to collaborate on projects such as Blending Christmas.