‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Celebrates Husband’s Birthday with Heartmelting Message

by Anna Dunn

The Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick is celebrating her Husband’s birthday with a sweet message. The actress, who played Marcia Brady on the iconic series, has been married to her husband Michael cummings since 1985.

“Happy Birthday Michael My Love,” the star wrote. “I trust and adore and love you with all of my heart!”

The two have a daughter, Natalie together. Just like his Brady Bunch star wife, Cummings is also an actor. he’s known for his roles in Miracle on Ice, The Last Act, and most recently, A Leading Man. According to IMDB, the actor began acting in Bergen, Norway as he worked as a translator for a Norwegian playwright.

In the ’80s, he made his American acting debut with roles on Drop-Out Father and Dick Van Dyke. He hasn’t had a role since 2013 and now appears to prefer staying out of the spotlight. But that doesn’t mean his wife can’t leave some sweet messages on his birthdays.

McCormick Recently Wished Barry Williams a Happy Birthday as Well

In another recent Instagram post, McCormick wished Greg Brady actor Barry Williams a happy birthday. The two played the oldest kids on The Brady Bunch. In an adorable message, she noted that she and Barry had always been “the best pals ever” and appeared to spend time together long after the end of the show.

Williams is one of the Brady kids to decide to continue his acting career long after the end of the show. But during the show, he did more than act.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Actress Had a Brief Music Career while on the Show

Not only did Barry Williams co-star with Maureen McCormick, but he also released music with her.

On top of her acting work, Maureen McCormick also had a brief stint in music with a TV-inspired music career along with the other kids. During their time on the show, McCormick and the other kids on the show had released a total of five albums. The albums all surrounded the show with titles such as Meet the Brady Bunch, The Kids From the Brady Bunch, It’s a Sunshine Day and The Brady Bunch Phonographic Album.

The Brady Bunch kids even have their own Christmas album called Merry Christmas from the Brady Bunch. But her time singing for those albums lead her to release her own music when the show stopped.

McCormick released her own album, When You Get a Little Lonely, in 1995. She was offered solo deals following the success of The Brady Bunch albums.

McCormick and the rest of the Brady kids made a major impact with The Brady Bunch, now, it’s nice to follow along as they live out the rest of their lives.