‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Looks Back at the Time Davy Jones Visited Show

by Joe Rutland

Maureen McCormick of The Brady Bunch shared a screen capture from one of the show’s most memorable episodes with Davy Jones.

For some Outsiders who are old enough, and you know who you are, Jones was the lead singer for The Monkees. His appearance in the episode Getting Davy Jones marks one of the ABC family sitcom’s high marks for guest stars.

McCormick, who played Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch, popped this up on her Instagram account on Friday.

From left to right in the photo above are Robert Reed, who played Mike Brady; McCormick; Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady; and Jones.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Episode Synopsis Shares Storyline for This Funny Sitcom

The timing of this 50-year anniversary comes on the same day that Michael Nesmith, also a member of The Monkees, died at 78 years old.

Jones and the group’s initial success came when The Monkees originally ran on NBC. Reruns of the show, which was a comedy about a music group loosely based on The Beatles’ A Hard Days Night, hit TV screens in the 1970s. MTV, in its early days, put The Monkees on for a national cable TV audience. Whole new generations discovered Davy, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Nesmith.

Sadly, Jones died in 2012 of a heart attack at age 66. As we said, Outsiders, Nesmith died on Friday at Peter Tork died in 2019 at age 77.

The Brady Bunch episode’s synopsis reads, “Marcia says she can get Davy Jones to sing at her school’s junior prom because of a letter Jones sent her as president of the local fan club.”

Even though The Monkees was off primetime TV when Jones appeared with the Bradys, that popularity remained strong.

McCormick herself remains connected with the sitcom, even though her life has gone on to have the success of its own merit.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Reflects Back On Her First-Ever Role In Stage Play

If you are an actress or some other person in the performing arts, then you will remember the first time you were on the stage, in movies, or on TV.

McCormick shared a newspaper clipping of her first role in a stage play.

She appeared with Mike Connors of Mannix fame and actress Joan Huntington in Wind It Up and it Breaks. This was a comedy that also featured actor Jack Weston, too.

The Brady Bunch launched McCormick into sitcom stardom. When the show ended a five-year run on ABC in 1974, though, she had to start dealing with some personal issues.

For her, the biggest one was a drug addiction. After some struggles, McCormick found sobriety and has remained free of drugs.