‘The Brady Bunch’: Maureen McCormick Revealed Her Favorite Episodes of the Show

by Joe Rutland

Maureen McCormick is known for playing oldest-sister Marcia on “The Brady Bunch.” What are her favorite episodes from the sitcom?

Back in 2019, McCormick offered up some answers in an interview with the New York Post.

“I loved doing the episode [‘The Show Must Go On’] with Florence [Henderson] where we sang ‘Together Wherever We Go,’ where we were two hobos,” McCormick said. “I also loved the ‘Father of the Year’ episode — I always looked up to Bob [Reed] as a father figure, and my father was just such an important part of my life … so that meant a lot to me.

“I loved doing the episodes with Desi Arnaz Jr. [‘The Possible Dream’] and Davy Jones [‘Getting Davy Jones’],” she said. “They all have special memories.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Not Only Had Pop Culture Stars Appear But Sports Athletes, Too

OK, let’s break down some of these names in case it’s a little fuzzy. Henderson and Reed, obviously, played Carol and Mike Brady on “The Brady Bunch.” Arnaz Jr. is the son of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz of “I Love Lucy” fame. His appearance on the ABC sitcom was in 1970 while he was still a part of his mother’s CBS sitcom, “Here’s Lucy.” Both Desi and sister Lucie Arnaz were part of that show’s cast.

Jones was one of the most popular singers in the late 1960s thanks to “The Monkees” TV show.

“The Brady Bunch” would have, when possible, both entertainment and sports figures appear for cameos. Among the sports figures appearing were NFL quarterback Joe Namath, Los Angeles Dodgers players Wes Parker and Don Drysdale, and Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Deacon Jones.

McCormick played Marcia Brady through all five seasons of the sitcom’s stay on ABC. She also took part in numerous off-shoot TV specials and movies, too.

McCormick Shared Both Pros, Cons Of Playing Her Famed TV Character

If you know a little about McCormick’s life, then you know her life after the TV sitcom ended wasn’t always pretty. She spiraled into serious drug addiction and faced work still being pegged as “Marcia.”

McCormick opened up in 2006 with WGN-TV’s “Morning News” in Chicago about the pros and cons of playing that character.

“Well, it’s a blessing because, you know, I was on a show that is loved by America and it’s just- you know, that’s a great thing,” McCormick said. “It’s a curse when you’re an actress and you get so well known for one role and you want to move on and do other things. But the blessings definitely outweigh the curse and it was just a great, great show to be a part of.”

“The Brady Bunch” lives on in the land of reruns. McCormick, though, keeps her feet in the present moment.