‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Shares an ‘Album Cover’ Photo from Her Days as Marcia

by Megan Molseed

How do you do your Saturday vibes if you’re a Brady Bunch icon? Well, chances are if you have a history of being a member of television’s most iconic family, you do what Maureen McCormick does…post a throwback photo of yourself hanging from a tree looking awesome. Almost like an album cover.

That’s exactly what Maureen McCormick did this weekend on her Insta page when she shared an amazing throwback pic of herself from her days as the iconic “big sister” Marcia Brady.

“Post a pic of you that looks like an album cover,” the actress said in her gorgeous weekend throwback pic.

The post features a photo of a young McCormick doing a bit of an acrobatic move while climbing a tree.

Of course, Maureen McCormick was feeling the weekend “vibes” Saturday as she posted the amazing throwback pic. The actress captioned the photo with a #saturdayvibes hashtag.

McCormick’s Television- Inspired Music Career

With her long flowing blonde hair and all-American looks the actress who played the Brady Bunch’s Marcia Brady could certainly have used this photo for any type of album cover.

However, if this were to be an album cover, it would of course have to feature some of the hits McCormick and her on-screen siblings recorded over the years, right?

In fact, the famous television stars have several albums -and album covers – listed in their accomplishments.

During their reign as one of television’s most loved sitcom families, the Brady Bunch kids released a total of five albums.

These albums included titles such as The Brady Bunch Phonographic AlbumIt’s a Sunshine Day, The Kids from the Brady Bunch, and Meet The Brady Bunch.

The group even came together to record a Christmas album titled Merry Christmas from the Brady Bunch in 1970.

So, the former Brady Bunch kid is no stranger to album covers.

In fact, Maureen McCormick released her own album When You Get a Little Lonely in 1995. Although, she used an entirely different picture for this album’s release.

‘Brady Bunch’ Stars Find Some Solo Music Success

McCormick’s solo album combined several multiple genres of music, however, fans have mostly taken it on as a country music release.

While she hasn’t released any follow-up albums, McCormick continues to perform some of her songs. She can even be seen singing on the hit reality show Gone Country.

Maureen McCormick and fellow co-star, Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady on the hit sitcom, were each offered solo record deals off of the Brady Bunch success.

Christopher Knight’s album was titled Meet Chris Knight Of The Brady Bunch. The release featured songs such as “Good For Each Other,” and “Over and Over.”