‘The Brady Bunch’: NFL Legend Joe Namath Once Guest Starred as Himself on Show

by Megan Molseed

Football superstar Joe Namath once made a memorable visit to the Brady Bunch household when he guest-starred as himself in 1973.

In The Brady Bunch episode titled Mail Order Hero, Namath visits Bobby at the Brady home, believing him to be deathly ill.

However, the Brady Bunch son wasn’t ill at all. Bobby’s fake illness was all part of a plan to convince the football star to visit.

As the episode starts out, a jealous Bobby Brady tells his friends that he personally knows Joe Namath.

According to Bobby’s story, Joe Namath visits The Brady Bunch house for dinner whenever he’s in town.

Of course, Bobby’s friends are quite impressed by this story. And, now his friends expect to meet the football great the next time he visits the Bradys. To make things even more complicated, it just so happens that Joe Namath’s team, the New York Jets, will be coming to town the very next week.

Bobby quickly realizes his fib has gone too far. The young Brady knows he has to come clean to his friends before things get even further out of hand.

However, Bobby is too late on that front.

Bobby’s Little Lie Creates A Big Problem

His friends have spread the word around the entire school, and Bobby isn’t sure how to get out of the precarious situation.

Bobby seeks the help of the rest of The Brady Bunch on finding ways to convince the football great to visit the Brady Bunch home while he is in town.

In the meantime, Cindy, the youngest of the Brady Bunch kids, hatches her own plan.

Without Bobby knowing, Cindy lies and tells Joe Namath’s crew that Bobby is extremely ill. And, that his greatest wish is to meet the football superstar.

Cindy’s plan works, and Joe Namath stops by The Brady Bunch home while his team is in town.

Bobby learns of Cindy’s ruse to get Namath to visit, and he eventually decides to play along.

Of course, Mike and Carol Brady quickly catch on to Cindy and Bobby’s deceit, and the two kids have to face the consequences.

Thankfully, however, Joe Namath isn’t too bothered by Bobby and Cindy’s deception.

In fact, the NFL legend even offers to toss the ball around a bit with Bobby and his friends.

While Joe Namath was happy to stick around and toss a couple of his famous passes to Bobby and his friends, he almost took off with Carol Brady in that same episode.

Here’s The Story Of When ‘Brady Bunch’ Mom Ran Off With Joe Namath!

In a recent interview, Susan Olsen who portrayed Cindy Brady on the iconic series remembers a moment when Carol Brady star, Florence Henderson hilariously went off-script.

“When Joe Namath was our guest star, we were filming the scene where he says goodbye to the Brady family,” Olsen recalls.

However, says the Brady Bunch star, one of the takes didn’t go exactly as planned.

“In one take, Florence threw her arms around him and shouted, ‘Joe please take me away! I’m so sick of these kids!’” Olsen remembers. “Joe didn’t miss a beat, he picked her up and carried her off-screen.”