‘The Brady Bunch’: One of the Girls Had to Get Hair Dyed to Match Sisters

by Anna Dunn

One of the girls on The Brady Bunch had to dye her hair to match her on-screen sisters. According to Me TV, Susan Olsen wasn’t Blonde enough in the eyes of the producers. The young Cindy Brady actress routinely had her hair dyed. That’s until it started falling out by the time they hit season 2.

All of the kids who were cast had to have a hair color that matched their on-screen parents. Executive Producer had 12 children in mind before finalizing his casting choice with Robert Reed and Florence Henderson. Once the parents were cast, they dropped the children whose hair didn’t match that of the TV parents.

Sherwood Schwartz, the executive producer and creator of the series, was one of the people behind that decision.

“I wanted immediate viewer recognition with the kids and parents in terms of hair color. Blonde mother, blonde kids. Dark-haired mother, dark-haired kids. Blonde father, blonde kids, etc. No back story is needed,” Schwarts wrote in Brady, Brady, Brady: The Complete Story of the Brady Bunch from the Father/Son Team Who Really Know.

Another Member of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Cast Had to Dye his Hair Too

It looks like he made an exception to this rule for Mike Lookinland, who played Bobby, because Lookinland was by far the best person for the role. As one of the younger Brady’s, the role of Bobby was harder to cast and its clear that Lookinland made too good of an impression to be thrown out for something as small as his hair color.

“I cast Mike Lookinland as Bobby, the youngest boy. He had kind of blondish hair, but he was clearly the best actor of the youngest boys and he was 6 1/2, maybe 7. He read very well, and he was the most appealing of the boys who auditioned for Bobby,” Schwartz wrote. And just like Susan Olsen, Mike Lookinland had to dye his hair as a kid.

“I decided we would darken Mike’s hair. That’s the way it turned out. I know it was an annoyance for him and gave his hair a reddish tinge. But it instantly made him one of the Brady boys,” Schwartz continued.

Casting for a TV show is never easy, but finding talented children who also look like the parents you are casting is a serious challenge on its own. Of course, hair color isn’t the only factor, but it is something that stands out a ton to viewers.

The Bady Bunch is one of the most iconic shows in TV history. Still remaining one of the most referenced shows around, the series, which aired from 1969 through 1974, has a special place in the hearts of people who grew up with it.