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‘The Brady Bunch’ Creator Sherwood Schwartz Got Story Ideas from His Daughter’s Childhood

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by SGranitz/WireImage/Getty Images)

When looking for story ideas that could fit into The Brady Bunch, all creator Sherwood Schwartz had to do was look at his daughter.

Schwartz’s daughter Hope Juber recalls this occurrence happening regularly.

She shared some of those family insights in an interview with MeTV. Dad would sometimes lift stories about his daughter and weave them into episodes of the ABC sitcom.

As a teenager, Juber says she wasn’t too thrilled about it.

“I was in a unique position regarding the show, and I was going through my own teenage girl angst at the time,” Juber said. “From my perspective, there was, all of the sudden, six other kids in the middle of my family. When things I considered private showed up on the screen, I wasn’t always happy about it.”

One could see where The Brady Bunch was a great blessing for Juber’s dad. Then, of course, Hope would see pieces of her life played out before millions of viewers. 

The sitcom ran on ABC for five seasons. Much like Schwartz’s other creative sitcom, Gilligan’s Island, generations have grown up watching The Brady Bunch reruns.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Eve Plumb Changed Her Types of Roles By Joining Show

Among the kids on The Brady Bunch, Eve Plumb, who played Jan, entered the sitcom with some roles in her career.

But the types of roles definitely changed when she started on the ABC sitcom.

Plumb talked about those roles in an interview with the New York Post.

“I had already been working for four years when The Brady Bunch started,” Plumb said. “I was a little girl in danger on Lassie and my dog ran away at Christmas on The Big Valley. (And) I fell down a well on The Virginian.”

Susan Olsen Would Go Through Some Growing Pains While That Show Got Cool

Her TV sister Susan Olsen, who played Cindy, also went through some angst in her life, too.

She, too, talked about it with The New York Post. 

“The whole attitude was, ‘Oh, you were on that show,'” Olsen said. “Like as if I had written it. It just wasn’t taken seriously; it was totally disrespected, and as a result, we were disrespected.”

But Olsen said “people who grew up on the show started coming into their own and being adults.

“I think the first time I realized The Brady Bunch was cool was when I met the singer from the Black Crowes (Chris Robinson), who came running up to me and said, ‘Oh my gosh, our drummer would be crying if he was here because he has an ‘I Saw The Brady Bunch Live in Concert’ picture on his wall.'”