‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Explained Why He Loved Pilot Episode

by Amy Myers

With how many iconic episodes The Brady Bunch had, you would think that the cast would have a tough time choosing their favorite. Not for Barry Williams, the actor behind Greg Brady, though. In fact, over the years, he’s maintained that he enjoyed the very first episode of the show the most.

Recently, in an interview with his co-stars, Barry explained why the pilot still holds a special place in his heart.

“I’m very partial to our first show. It’s called a ‘pilot episode’ because it was the – we were all very, very fresh. We were all actually getting to know each other,” Williams explained. “I think it really set the tone for what the show was in both its description and for everything that followed.”

If he had to choose a second favorite, it would likely be a tie between all of the episodes in which The Brady Bunch traveled around the country. And this isn’t too surprising. After all, the Brady siblings were just kids when they worked on the show. So, these work trips often served as their family vacations, too.

“It was sure a lot of fun to go to Hawaii,” Williams said. “It was very exciting for us, surfing, exploring the island, all the adventures we got into.”

The Brady Bunch star also mentioned the cast’s trip to the Grand Canyon, noting how much they enjoyed being in a different setting for just a little while.

It was fun to get out of the studio and see the Great Outdoors,” he shared.

Listen to more of The Brady Bunch cast’s favorite moments below.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Reunites with Co-Star for New Holiday Film

Outside of his recent interviews, Williams has continued to tap into his days on The Brady Bunch with his costar and good friend, Christopher Knight. Together, Greg and Peter Brady will be reuniting to star in Lifetime network’s TV movie Blending Christmas.

Part of the reason Knight agreed to the renewed The Brady Bunch role is because it speaks to the nature of the original show. Not to mention, the holiday season is the perfect excuse to revive America’s favorite family.

“As I looked at it, and we’re doing a Christmas movie, it dawned on me that Christmas time, Santa Claus, and the feeling is very similar to what the Bradys present… year long,” Knight explained to Dr. Oz. “There’s this holiday season where everybody is cheerful and nicer to one another. And it makes us feel warm and cozy, and good inside. It’s kind of like what The Brady Bunch provides. So in a way, all these Christmas movies are tapping in to the same thing.”