‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Explains How Show Has Impacted ‘Three Generations of People’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic)

Barry Williams believes there is no average Brady Bunch fan. He should know. The Greg Brady actor says they’ve been coming up talk to him about the show for more than 50 years. And each generation of fans seems to pass it on to the next.

The 67-year-old actor discussed the “evergreen nature” of The Brady Bunch with Fox News recently. He’s promoting the new Lifetime Christmas movie People Presents: Blending Christmas. Brady Bunch co-stars Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen also appear in the movie premiering Sunday.

“I always hear, ‘Hey man, I grew up with you. I grew up with your show,’” Williams explained. “We have three generations of people that grew up with us at different times. There are a lot of people our age, some a little younger than that, and the grandkids. There has always been a sense of curiosity about us. Now that we’ve grown up, what are our lives like? What’s that world like when the Brady kids are moms, dad, grandmas, and grandpas?”

Sherwood Schwartz created The Brady Bunch to be relatable to young kids and parents, and those themes still hold up today. The fact that it’s existed for so long in re-runs only heightens that intense fascination because it’s a feat only a small number of shows have accomplished.

And Williams said he still tries to bring that sense of family to his newer projects. He thinks messages of hope and inspiration and critical today as the country devolves further into factions.

“I think we need to take a look at the kind of time capsule that we’re in right now,” he said. “What’s going on, where we are as a country, what’s taking up our news, what’s taking up our times. There’s a definite need and space for something inspirational, uplifting, and positive. A break from some of the divisive things. And I think this movie does that. I hope that [viewers] take away [the theme of] family and workability … sort of the Brady all for one, one for all spirit. I think I’ll be pleased with that.”

Barry Williams Says Interest Has Compounded Over the Years

The show first aired in 1969. Since then, the cast has remained in fan’s fascinations. It’s not uncommon to see reports about their daily lives today. Barry Williams believes that’s because each generation hands off the show to their kids and friends.

The Brady Bunch has been successful, but the reality is its success is compounded by the years that it grows in success,” he explained. “It’s still on 50 years later. It’s more esteemed than it was at the time we were doing it. For whatever reason, it was blessed with this evergreen sensibility that we have ridden along with this thing.

“It might not be absolutely in the foremost of your mind, but it’s out there. It’s always alive,” he said. “There’s a sparkle in anyone who has done the show. They are remembered for it. Perhaps because the show continues to touch people. And those childhood memories are the deepest. For all these years, people continue to remember us and the show through all these different phases in life. It’s been an interesting, magical ride.”