‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Once Had Dinner in the Brady House Without Realizing Where He Was

by Suzanne Halliburton
Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV

With all the trivia generated by The Brady Bunch run, here’s a fact you may not know, unless, of course, you’re a super fan.

Remember The Brady Bunch house, the split-level ranch-style home that screamed 1960s suburbia? Turns out that the actual cast of the show never went to the home.

In fact, Barry Williams, who portrayed oldest son Greg, went to a dinner party at the house years later. And he never knew the significance of the abode in North Hollywood.

Williams shared this Brady Bunch anecdote with the show’s siblings reunited in 2019 for an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“I had a friend who invited me to that house to have dinner, not telling me anything,” Williams said. “We sat down in the living room and it got quiet. and they’re all looking and laughing at me, waiting for me to say something. I’m like ‘what’s going on?’

Williams’ friend asked him “don’t you know where you are?” And he answered, “well, I think I’m at the McAllister house.”

Nope, he was sitting in the middle of The Brady Bunch house. Most fans thought he lived there from 1969-74 and made appearances there again for the show’s reunion movies. But the show only used shots of the exterior of the home, which was built in 1959. The series was filmed at studio five on the Paramount lot.

TV’s Brady Bunch family as they appeared in (top) the original 1969-74 series and (bottom) the 1981 series The Brady Brides.

Brady Bunch House Hit LA Market in 2018

The home went up for sale in 2018. And HGTV officials had an idea. Since every show on the network involves renovation, why not redo possibly the most famous TV home in the country? Although Lance Bass, from NSYNC fame, really wanted the house when it came on the hot LA real estate market, HGTV bought it. How much did the network pay? A cool $3.5 million, almost twice the asking price.

The house in Studio City featured three bedrooms, three bathrooms and almost 2,500-square feet. The back yard was almost one-third of an acre. After HGTV bought the home, officials hired the six Brady Bunch siblings to be part of a reno series. The actors who played Cindy, Jan, Marcia, Bobby, Peter and Greg gathered with some HGTV stars to do a limited series. Their task was to turn the current home into what it looked like in our collective Brady Bunch imagination.

We know nostalgia is a big trend. And audiences loved the Very Brady Renovation series. In fact, when it premiered in September, 2019, it drew an audience of 3.27 million. It was the biggest HGTV audience in almost two years and it surpassed the Fixer Upper series finale from April, 2018.

And to think, Williams was the lone cast member who’d ever been to the home before this six reunited for the HGTV series.

Here’s the full interview from the Colbert show.