‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Talks Ditching Hollywood for Ozark Mountains

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

You likely haven’t heard too much about The Brady Bunch star Barry Williams lately and there’s a good reason why. As it turns out, he ditched Hollywood and has been living in the Ozark Mountains for years now.

Barry Williams recently sat down with Fox News to talk about Lifetime’s new Christmas movie, People Presents: Blending Christmas. The film features a couple trying to bring their families together with “a Bunch of unexpected guests.” These guests are played by original The Brady Bunch stars, Williams included. When the outlet veered into what Williams had been up to, he disclosed he’d been living in the Ozark Mountains. Dwelling in Branson, Missouri, he said he loved it since it had “a special rural feel that you don’t get right here in the midst of the crowds of LA.”

“There’s a wonderful, wonderful entertainment community here,” Williams continued. “Lots of music and shows. It’s all family-oriented. You have the gorgeous mountains and the big lakes. It’s a resort [town]. I did a show here, a full stage production music show, for six and a half years. But I fell in love with the area.”

He loved it so much, in fact, he doesn’t intend to ever leave. “So I moved here permanently. I really, really enjoy the outdoor life and the horses. I’m wearing cowboy boots again and a hat. Or I’m cruising around on a lake. Chris can tell you because he’s been a guest of mine here a few times, it’s a pretty special place.”

If you’re curious, People Presents: Blending Christmas debuts tomorrow on Lifetime at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Barry Williams Called Returning to the Brady House ‘Nostalgic, but Sentimental’

Though the Brady cast reunited for the upcoming Christmas movie, they met up prior a few years ago and at the actual Brady house. Back in 2019, HGTV renovated the house the Brady home was based on and the show’s cast joined them for the event. Barry Williams was particularly emotional, calling it “nostalgic, but sentimental.

The real Brady house is located in Studio City and after HGTV acquired the house, they figured they’d model it exactly like the show. For such an undertaking, who would be more suited to help but the Brady family members themselves, right? They called it A Very Brady Renovation and it’s easy to see why former cast members got choked up.

“It’s nostalgic but sentimental,” the Greg Brady actor told the New York Post. “It’s extraordinary what (HGTV) did. … HGTV didn’t know exactly where they going with it at first so they consulted with all of us, and what emerged is emotionally packed and relatable to the series. You can sense the presence of Alice cooking dinner.”