‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Calls Reuniting With Co-Stars Like ‘Getting Together With Family’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery)

Christopher Knight says he always jumps at the chance to work with his former Brady Bunch castmates because it feels like a family reunion.

Several of the Brady brethren will reunite tonight at 8 p.m. in the new Lifetime Christmas movie People Presents: Blending Christmas. Knight co-stars in the film with Barry Williams and Susan Olsen The Brady Bunch cast has appeared in several movies and television specials together over the past 50 years.

“There’s always something that brings us back together,” Knight told CBS San Diego. “That’s part of the reasoning behind saying ‘Yes, sign me up’ because we get another experience together. They’re family. It’s like, you know, getting together with family at the holidays.”

Christopher Knight said he couldn’t have guessed that The Brady Bunch would still be on television more than half of a century later. That puts them in a very small club. He said he doesn’t know how he’d manage the experience alone.

“These are folks that I met 53 years ago that I haven’t been able to get away from, and I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Knight said. “They’ve become family. They really are family.”

He’s not alone in that assessment. His Brady Bunch big brother Barry Williams said the cast protected each other through the trials of fame.

“Because of the experiences that we had in life — filming, promoting the show, traveling, recording, touring — it was very unique and it was challenging,” Williams said. “We had to protect each other. Think of it like being in a little bit of a cocoon and then coming out, only to be recognized and being famous. We were the only ones that could rely on each other. We trusted in each other and got along with each other. So we looked out for another. And I think that bonded us for life.”

Barry Williams: Movie with ‘Brady Bunch’ Co-Stars ‘Sorely Needed’

Barry Williams believes that Blending Christmas is a movie that is “sorely needed and greatly appreciated” right now. The Lifetime original follows a couple who tries to bring their families together for the holidays for the first time.

Williams says the theme of coming together despite our differences is something people need to hear. It’s part of the reason why he agreed to do the movie.

“It has the kind of message that is sorely needed and much appreciated in these times,” Williams told Fox News. “Christmas has always been special for me personally and also for the Bradys. This will be our third big Christmas movie. And it’s an opportunity for all of us to work together and work together not playing Bradys. So I think that kind of combination was very hard to pass up.”

Along with The Brady Bunch actors, the movie stars HayLie Duff and Aaron O’Connell.