‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Explains Why Cast Has Done So Many Reunions

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

When the original The Brady Bunch wrapped up production in 1974, the iconic series was not lost forever. The loveable and mostly perfect family continued to work on spinoffs over the years, seven to be exact. They’ve also had eight reunion shows. And that’s not counting all their group appearances on talk shows.

Four of The Brady Bunch cast members recently met again to film Lifetime’s Blending Christmas, which comes out this month. The actors aren’t playing their legendary roles in the movie, but they enjoyed the experience nonetheless.

And as Peter Brady’s Christopher Knight told Fox News, making the new movie has him hoping that the entire cast can have another official televised reunion soon.

“We have done so many,” he shared. “You would think the answer out of my mouth is we couldn’t possibly do another. But the reality is, there’s always talk of getting back together. Part of the attraction in any production that would have us together is us working together again. It’s like working with family. But better than that because you’re close, but not quite living under the same roof. It’s a wonderfully warm experience.”

According to Knight, there are always talks about uniting the Bradys. But usually, nothing pans out. However, “on occasion, something miraculous happens,” and he gets to meet with his co-stars once again.

“Like two years ago when HGTV sat us down and told us that they bought the [‘Brady’] house. And that they had this plan, which came out of the blue,” he explained. “Certainly, Blending Christmas came out of the blue as well. There’s always something on the horizon. We can only hope that something is worthy of us getting back together. And of course, if it is, I’ll be there.”

Christopher Knight Talks About His Life Long Friendships with his ‘The Brady Bunch’ Co-Stars

It’s no secret that the actors from The Brady Bunch are as much of a family off-screen as they were on screen.

Over the decades, the child actors have grown and lost both of their Brady parents and their maid, Alice. But time and death haven’t affected the relationships between the six remaining cast members. All of them have kept their unique bonds intact. And during a recent interview, Peter Brady actor Christopher Knight explained how.


“It’s not like we’ve hardly been away from each other,” he told CBS 8 while chatting about his new movie Blending Christmas. “There’s always something that brings us all back together. And that’s part of the reason saying ‘Yes!’ [to reunions and films]. These are folks I met 53 years ago that I haven’t been able to get away from them, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”