‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Opens Up About His Favorite Memories on Set

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Rachel Luna/Getty Images)

‘The Brady Bunch’  cast members are featured in a new Lifetime movie that premiered this weekend. The movie is called “Blending Christmas”, and includes five members of the original ‘The Brady Bunch’ cast. This includes Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Barry Williams, Susan Olsen, and Robbie Rist. The movie also features cast members from other iconic films and TV shows. For most viewers, they will certainly recognize at least one actor from the film from a different project.

In the spirit of so much of the original ‘The Brady Bunch’ cast being brought on to the film, many are feeling nostalgic for the series. Star Christopher Knight is certainly no exception. Knight opened up in a recent interview with Yahoo about how some of his favorite memories from ‘The Brady Bunch’ set were born during filming the Christmas episodes. Knight said, “It wasn’t the holiday season, but it became the holiday season on set. I believe I was 11 or 12 at the time. And it was just a beautiful experience. Even though it wasn’t Christmas, it was the best Christmas. We got to experience it with each other. And we had two families. I experienced Barry [Williams] as a brother. He’s certainly a friend, but he was also a brother. That warmth and that feeling that you see when you watch the show was there… and somewhat missing from my own family. I remember that every Christmas.”

Will The Brady Bunch Have Another Official Reunion?

Although the new “Blending Christmas” film features multiple members of the Brady cast, it’s far from an official reunion for the show. However, Knight says should the opportunity arise for another official reunion, he’s all-in. Knight tells Yahoo, “…the reality is, there’s always talk of getting back together. Part of the attraction in any production that would have us together is us working together again. It’s like working with family. But better than that because you’re close, but not quite living under the same roof. It’s a wonderfully warm experience. And there’s always talk of something,” he said.

“Most of the time, those somethings don’t come up. And then on occasion, something miraculous happens, like two years ago when HGTV sat us down and told us that they bought the [‘Brady’] house. And that they had this plan, which came out of the blue. Certainly, ‘Blending Christmas’ came out of the blue as well. There’s always something on the horizon. We can only hope that something is worthy of us getting back together. And of course, if it is, I’ll be there.”

In the meantime, Christopher Knight hopes viewers will love “Blending Christmas”, and that it brings them that warm fuzzy holiday feeling. Knight says of the film, “It has that warm, comfortable feeling you get from a Christmas movie. There’s something about Christmas that brings out the charity in all of us, that willingness to go an extra step, as the Bradys always did in each episode… And it doesn’t have to be just around Christmas. We can always take that extra step any time of the year.”