‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Opens Up About What Makes ‘Blending Christmas’ Reunion Extras Special

by Chase Thomas

The Brady Bunch is one of the more iconic television shows of all time. For a show to go on as long as the program had they must have done something right. Compound that with the original cast continuing to take on projects with one another. They clearly enjoyed their time working on the iconic television show with another, that much is sure. Christopher Knight recently opened up about the cast’s reunions extra special this time of year.

Knight told Fox News, “Those relationships are now 53 years in the making.” The cast has worked with another and enjoyed working with another for over fifty years, Outsiders, isn’t that something?

He continued, “That was one of the draws. And it meant that I could catch up with Greg and Mike. It’s a hoot. It’s a gift. My wife and her mother are also huge Lifetime Christmas movie fans. There’s not a football game on when I go back and visit my family. So it was something to say yes to.”

Taking on movies like “Blended Christmas” are no-brainers for the cast like Knight because life makes it difficult to see those we love and care about as often as we would like. This is an excuse for folks to reconvene and work and catch up in the process. It’s the best of both worlds for everybody involved.

Christmas on ‘The Brady Bunch’

Knight especially loved working on the Christmas episodes of The Brady Bunch. He did not shy away from that perspective as he said, “It wasn’t the holiday season, but it became the holiday season on set.”

He continued, “I believe I was 11 or 12 at the time. And it was just a beautiful experience. Even though it wasn’t Christmas, it was the best Christmas. We got to experience it with each other. And we had two families. I experienced Barry [Williams] as a brother. He’s certainly a friend, but he was also a brother. That warmth and that feeling that you see when you watch the show was there… and somewhat missing from my own family. I remember that every Christmas.”

Even though they filmed those holiday episodes of The Brady Bunch when it wasn’t that time of year, the folks that made the program made the cast feel as though it really was Christmas time for everyone working.

Another Reuinion?

Christopher Knight of The Brady Bunch won’t rule it out as he said, “We have done so many.”

But folks are interested. They love seeing this cast of characters join up with another as he concluded, “You would think the answer out of my mouth is we couldn’t possibly do another. But the reality is, there’s always talk of getting back together. Part of the attraction in any production that would have us together is us working together again. It’s like working with family. But better than that because you’re close, but not quite living under the same roof. It’s a wonderfully warm experience.”