‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Reveals How Often He Gets Recognized

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Being on such an iconic show as The Brady Bunch gives stars like Christopher Knight a way to be recognized a lot. So, how often?

Knight, who played Peter Brady on the ABC family sitcom, talks about this part of fame in an interview with CBS 8 San Diego.

“How do people do it?” he said. “Some people have a talent but I get recognized. It’s been so many years being recognized that I’m recognized and it’s going to happen.”

It’s been more than five decades, Outsiders, since Knight joined five other child actors to become part of TV lore. In case you have forgotten, Knight, Barry Williams, Mike Lookinland, Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, and Susan Olsen were the Brady kids.

Their parents were Robert Reed and Florence Henderson, while Ann B. Davis played housekeeper Alice.

The Brady Bunch is a show that has been popular from one generation to another. Knight has remained close with his fellow cast members over the years. Whether in a TV special or in the new movie Blended Christmas, Knight seems to enjoy hanging with his crew.

Knight, Williams, Lookinland, and Olsen all appeared in the Lifetime movie People Present: Blended Christmas on Sunday night, Dec. 12.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Has Close Connection With Lookinland

When it comes to which stars of The Brady Bunch that Knight might be closest to both in and out of TV, that would be Mike Lookinland.

Knight loved working with him. See, Outsiders, they are three years apart in age. At first, that made them have more of a brotherly relationship.

As both grew older, their bond became much closer, too.

“I’m a little Huck Finn-ish and was looking to explore, and he was my little explorer buddy,” Knight said. “Although he always fashioned himself to be an adult. Only later in the show or even after did we the show we become closer and closer friends.”

Knight seemed to truly enjoy Lookinland’s sense of humor. It helped them bond. According to Knight, he and Lookinland are still best friends.

“He always cracked me up and was always great company,” Knight said.

Knight Shares Some Kind Words About TV Mom Florence Henderson

How special was Florence Henderson in Knight’s world? Let’s let The Brady Bunch star talk about it in an interview in 2016.

“She’s the kind of mom that you want,” Knight said. “Even if you had a mom like that, you’d take another one. And if you didn’t have a mom like that, then she represented the mom that you didn’t have. And it’s a terrible tragedy that we’ve all lost her.”

Henderson, who seemingly never minded people seeing her as Carol Brady, died in 2016.