‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Says Florence Henderson Blessed His Marriage Before She Died

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Christopher Knight always brings girls home to meet his mom. The Brady Bunch star said getting Florence Henderson‘s approval before his wedding in 2016 meant a lot to him. His TV mom was as important in his life as his real mom.

Christopher Knight hasn’t always been lucky in love. He married Cara Kokenes in 2016. It was his fourth wedding. He said Florence Henderson often teased him about it, but she knew when he was serious about a woman and would give him her honest opinion. She loved Cara, he said, and it was a blessing to get Carol Brady’s approval.

“That was very special,” Knight told Fox News. “I had to hear jabs and certainly took joking, ribbing from her at the attempts I had made in the past that didn’t stick. Didn’t work. But she did. [Florence] met Cara. It wasn’t asked for. She volunteered it. But that’s the position she took in my life. My mom had passed away, but even before my mom did, I had two moms. At that point, I had one. And it was just a wonderful feeling.”

Florence Henderson died shortly after they got married. They had plans to get together again after the couple’s honeymoon, but that never happened. Knight said that made their final meeting all the more important.

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to follow up on the plans that we had made after our wedding to come back and visit because she had passed away,” The Brady Bunch actor said. “But we did get a nice, wonderful dinner and her support before that happened. She’s just a huge person in all of our lives. And I think part of the reason that we’re well-adjusted or that we still get along is that we had her. I don’t know if you call it old school or just classy or caring. But she was just a wonderful person to have had as somebody that you can look up to. And, by example, try to become.”

Christopher Knight: Florence Henderson Was America’s Mom

Florence Henderson died of heart failure in November 2016, with her friends and family around her. Christopher Knight said he felt lost after she died. He’d spent nearly his entire life in her shadow. He wanted to please her as much as he wanted the approval of his own mom.

“Her opinion mattered,” he told People shortly after her death. “Pleasing her and having her respect and her guidance is something I always sought. I didn’t always get my guidance from her directly or verbally, but just through watching her and by letting her guide me through behavior.

He said it felt like America lost their mom when she died, as she had been such a consistent figure on The Brady Bunch.

“She was a person who I did not want to disappoint,” Knight added. “You want to shine for her. She would get the most out of you. I don’t know how she did that, but she did. I’m really grateful that she was in my life. She provided a role model and a great deal of entertainment.”