‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Florence Henderson Described Genius of Creator Sherwood Schwartz

by Madison Miller

Without Sherwood Schwartz, “The Brady Bunch” would have never seen the light of day. He created shows like “The Bradys,” “Big John, Little John,” “Gilligan’s Island,” and “Harper Valley PTA.”

For the people who got to work with him, he left a tremendous mark on their lives. That includes Florence Henderson. She starred as Carol Brady on “The Brady Bunch.” During a Television Academy interview from 1999, she opened up about what it was like to work with such a bright man as Sherwood.

“He is one of the best storytellers that I know … Funny, funny stories about his childhood, his upbringing and the show business. He’s very outspoken about the people he has worked with in the business. I have a great deal of respect and affection for Sherwood Schwartz,” Henderson said.

Clearly, Henderson gives a lot of the credit for “The Brady Bunch’s” success to Sherwood Schwartz. She did admit, however, that there were some pretty tense and stressful times while making the show. This was because several people just didn’t get along at all.

“[Sherwood Schwartz] was very involved with our show, very hands-on and very territorial I think. It’s widely recorded how much he and Robert Reed fought. That was the only negative thing about the show really was the fact that Bob and especially Sherwood and John Rich did not get along … I don’t like to be around negativity when I work,” Henderson also said.

Although she called him a genius, Schwartz and some of the other key people seemed to have their flaws when it came to working in a team setting. Schwartz’s genius is still very visible today. Both “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch” had a massive impact on TV history and remain incredibly popular in syndication.

Feud Between Two ‘The Brady Bunch’ Icons

As Florence Henderson said, it is true that Schwartz and Robert Reed never seemed to get along during the entire show’s history.

Robert Reed was an accomplished and well-liked actor even before taking “The Brady Bunch” gig. This may have caused him to feel a certain resentment when “The Brady Bunch” took off because he was hoping for an amazing film career instead.

He then had caused many issues with Schwartz as well as Schwartz’s son Lloyd who served as the producer. According to an Archive of American Television interview from 1997 with Schwartz, working with Reed could be infuriating. He would actually pull out an encyclopedia in the middle of production because he insisted on each part of the script being 100% accurate.

“[Reed’s] tirades and his arguments dragged the whole cast down. In fact in the last episode of the show, he doesn’t even appear. He’s not in it at all, because he objected to the basic story,” Schwartz said during the interview. Reed was written out of the final episode when he called the story idea “outlandish” and “ridiculous.”