’The Brady Bunch’ Star Florence Henderson Described Show as a Fairytale

by Chase Thomas

The Brady Bunch was an iconic show for the time, and one of its lasting highlights was the late Florence Henderson, who played the mother on the show, Carol Brady. It was a show that resonated with so many folks, and Henderson loved that about the program. That it resonated with so many folks all over the world. In an interview with the Foundation Academy, The Brady Bunch star Florence Henderson described the show as a fairytale.

She said, “This little show is almost like a fairytale in a way.” In the interview, Henderson highlights all the achievements of the show and everything that mat it so special. She continued, “But it holds up because it was so truthful.” Henderson believe in the show and believed in the character she played. The values and comedy and style of the program is what made Henderson speak so fondly of the program.

She also spoke about the series’ creator Sherwood Schwartz. What she liked about him and his vision of the show. It was important to remember that the show was “stylized” as Henderson put it. “He is one of the best storytellers that I know. I have a great deal of respect and affection for Sherwood Schwartz,” she added.

The Cast of ‘The Brady Bunch’

What about the Brady Bunch stars now. How did, years later, being on the show change their futures? What about when they were younger on the show?

Eve Plumb told the New York Post, “I had already been working for four years when “The Brady Bunch” started. I was a little girl in danger on “Lassie” and my dog ran away at Christmas on “The Big Valley.” I fell down a well on “The Virginian.” I was the little girl in peril — that was my stock in trade. I’d done a few pilots … but who knew this would happen? At any age a steady paycheck was welcomed.”

She was happy to be there and happy about the consistency it brought to her and her family. This was her big break after appearing in minor roles before it.

Mike Lookinland added, “Practically the whole theme of the show from the beginning was a blonde mother and her three blonde daughters and a brunette father and three dark-haired boys. That was the fundamental premise of the show. I had kind of strawberry blond hair and when they cast me they told me I’d have to dye my hair. I didn’t like it and I recall it being very weird for me. No one ever really presented the hair color thing to me in that light and it was very strange for a 9-year-old boy to go to school one morning with red hair then show up on Monday with jet-black hair.”

How funny is that? He had to change his hair for the show, but it worked out as the show was a big hit that folks still love and watch today.