‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Celebrates Anniversary With Hilarious Video

by Matthew Memrick

How cool is it when TV legend Maureen McCormick can celebrate an anniversary of a classic moment from the “Brady Bunch” show with a video?

In an Instagram clip, the 65-year-old McCormick lovingly bounces a football off TV personality and executive Brian Balthazar’s face. The actress celebrated Sunday and her three-year friendship with Balthazar in the clip. You can almost imagine the sound of the football.

Currently, the two work together on HGTV’s “Frozen In Time” show.

The show’s theme takes McCormick and designer Dan Vickery and puts them on a mission. That mission is to overhaul homes that need help and are stuck in a design time warp. Several shows include houses from 1957, 1961, and 1988. Balthazar is an executive producer.

One fan loved the post, claiming to remember the 47-year-old “Brady Bunch” show moment. Instagram user Sue.lawsonwilkins joked she saw that particular episode recently.

“I can still hear your voice/shriek when the football hit your nose. I just saw that episode about 6 months ago. Lol Still love that series! I can’t even imagine how that would feel to be a part of such a huge iconic show.”

“Brady Bunch” Throwback Moment

The moment is a throwback to McCormick’s “Brady Bunch” character, Marsha, getting hit in the face with a football. The “Subject Was Noses” moment occurred in a Feb. 9, 1973 episode. 

In that episode, according to IMDB, Marcia breaks a date with a boyfriend when “big man on campus” Doug Simpson asks her out. However, after she gets hit in the nose with a football, Doug Simpson breaks his date with her. 

Co-star Christopher Knight’s character Peter threw the ball in the scene, and the show used makeup to make McCormick’s nose look swollen. Want more on the moment? Check out this Today Show link.

Since then, tributes to McCormick’s moment had come in memes and the remake of the “Brady Bunch” movie in 1995. Knight and McCormick also posed for a funny football-in-face photo in 2018. At that time, the duo was hard at work on another reality show.

HGTV show called “A Very Brady Renovation,” where designers updated the sitcom’s 70s-style house.

A ‘Brady Bunch’ Nod To a Funny Guy

Balthazar’s a bit of a funny guy too. McCormick can speak to this fact.

He started in the news before moving on in his work on NBC’s “Today,” “The Wendy Williams Show,” and “HGTV House Party.” 

According to IMDb, Balthazar performed his first television interview in full ape makeup while speaking via satellite with former actor and NRA leader Charlton Heston on MSNBC to discuss the opening of the 2001 film Planet of the Apes.

As an executive producer and development consultant, he’s part of the creative direction for other long-running HGTV shows like “Love It Or List It” and “Flip Or Flop.” He’s also worked as a co-executive producer of “The View.”