‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Takes in a Cotton Candy Sunset

by Allison Hambrick

The Brady Bunch actress Maureen McCormick shared the beauty of nature with a new photo shared on her Instagram.

“Beautiful sunset tonight,” the actress captioned the picture. It showed an idyllic sunset above the treelike. Her followers loved the beautiful scene. One fan responded: “Absolutely breathtaking, Thank You for sharing, Maureen!!”

McCormick frequently shares similar posts on her social media accounts. Like The Brady Bunch itself, she seems to care about spreading good vibes. Additionally, she often shares adorable throwbacks. Earlier this month, she shared a photo of herself alongside her husband, Michael Cummings, and their daughter, Natalie Michelle Cummings, from when her daughter was little. Fans have come to know and love her constantly uplifting posts.

Similarly, The Brady Bunch is considered a comfort show. McCormick is well aware of this, and she’s proud of the show’s legacy.

“The bottom line is that it was about love, coming together, working out innocent problems people had, and a lot of them were basic problems that still exist,” the actress said. “We all kind of celebrated working it out together, and I think we all really loved each other — there was a genuine love for all people on show, and I think that resonates.”

Additionally, she revealed that the show was just as cathartic for the cast. She explained: “when we were doing it, we were having so much fun. I think we are all actually looking for a place to escape.” 

The Brady Bunch Stars Talk Appeal of Show

McCormick’s on-screen brother, Barry Williams, shared the same view on the show. He felt like The Brady Bunch’s appeal is universal because of its positive themes.

The Brady Bunch has been successful, but the reality is its success is compounded by the years that it grows in success,” the actor explained. “It’s still on 50 years later. It’s more esteemed than it was at the time we were doing it. For whatever reason, it was blessed with this evergreen sensibility that we have ridden along with this thing.”

While it isn’t the most popular show, The Brady Bunch is beloved by generations. Williams cited nostalgia as the primary reason the show remains an icon of American television.

“It might not be absolutely in the foremost of your mind, but it’s out there,” The Brady Bunch star added. “It’s always alive. There’s a sparkle in anyone who has done the show. They are remembered for it. Perhaps because the show continues to touch people. And those childhood memories are the deepest. For all these years, people continue to remember us and the show through all these different phases in life.”