‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Talked Getting Famous at a Young Age

by Caitlin Berard

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Without any further context, you know that line is from The Brady Bunch. You might even hear Jan Brady’s exasperated voice as she complains about her sister, Marcia, getting all the attention. Well, Maureen McCormick, the actress behind Marcia Brady, is all grown-up and has long since stepped away from acting, but still remembers her Brady Bunch roots.

One of the most iconic shows in television history, the 70s sitcom The Brady Bunch followed a blended household of eight through the joys and struggles of daily life as a typical 20th-century American family. The hit show featured not one but six child stars, all of whom were idolized by teens of the time.

The pressures of being an actor are a lot for anyone to handle, let alone a child. And, as we know all too well, this immense pressure at such a young age often leads to disaster. Sadly, Maureen McCormick is no exception.

In her 2008 memoir, the Brady Bunch star discussed battling bulimia after returning to “normal” life following the Brady Bunch series finale. Her “rock bottom,” however, didn’t come until filming the Brady Bunch spin-off, The Brady Brides, in which Marcia and Jan Brady begin their adult lives as newlyweds.

During the filming of Brady Brides, McCormick struggled with substance abuse. “My agent had to go to the sixth floor, climb into my place, tear off my clothes and get me in the shower,” McCormick remembers. “He said, ‘You have to get to Paramount right now, and you have a problem.’ I couldn’t hide anymore. Everyone knew—the producers knew, everyone at Paramount knew, the guys testing to play my husband knew. It was the first time I had to face that I really had a problem.”

Maureen McCormick Reflects on Her Time on ‘The Brady Bunch’

Thankfully, Maureen McCormick made peace with her childhood and is in a much better place today. She found a passion for home design and in 2021, launched her own HGTV show, Frozen in Time. With her past behind her, she’s able to reflect on her time on The Brady Bunch with fondness.

In an interview with Today, McCormick recalled her Brady Bunch days. “My favorite memories of filming, I think, are when we weren’t filming, and we were just hanging out on the set as friends and spending weekends together. It was so beautiful, it was great. It was like a second extended family…and still is.”

The friendships built between the children of The Brady Bunch have carried on well into their adult lives. Eve Plumb, the actress behind Jan Brady, speaks of her co-stars fondly as well. “You know, we’re all grown-up now, obviously, and we all get along like real people.”

In an HGTV special entitled A Very Brady Renovation, the former child stars were given a family reunion of sorts when remodeled the interior of the Brady Bunch house. Plumb says of spending time with Maureen McCormick and the rest of her Brady Bunch family, “Certainly, we’d seen each other in different groupings over the years for one thing and another, but I think the last time that there was the confluence of all six was about 15 years. The coven!”