‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Talks Hanging Out on Set

by Jennifer Shea

The Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick remembers her Brady Bunch days fondly. But much as she enjoyed filming the show, she said her favorite moments on set were the times the cast spent together between takes, just shooting the breeze and palling around.

“My favorite memories of filming, I think, are when we weren’t filming, and we were just hanging out on the set, as friends,” McCormick recalled to the “Today” show. “And spending weekends together. It was so beautiful, it was great. It was like a second extended family… And still is.”

Watch the Brady Bunch cast reflecting on the show 50 years later here:

In Real Life, the Brady Cast Getting Together Is Like a ‘Family Reunion’

But is it all smiles when the cameras are off? Jan Brady actress Eve Plumb says now that they’re all adults, it basically is. The grown-up Brady kids reunited in 2019 for HGTV’s A Very Brady Renovation, a special in which they redid the interior of the house from the opening credits to look like the show’s Hollywood sets did back in the day.

“You know, we’re all grown-up now, obviously, and we all get along like real people. And HGTV just offered us an extended family reunion,” Plumb told E! Online in 2019.

Plumb said that between takes on the HGTV special, the cast would swap stories and debate whose memories were right.

“Just like any family reunion, having different memories of different events,” she added.

What’s more, Plumb confirmed that the 2019 special represented the first time in 15 years that all the Brady kids had gathered in one place together. And they had a lot of catching up to do.

“Certainly, we’d seen each other in different groupings over the years for one thing and another, but I think the last time that there was the confluence of all six was about 15 years. The coven!” Plumb joked.

What Is It About The Brady Bunch?

Why is The Brady Bunch is still beloved to this day? Cindy Brady actress Susan Olsen has a guess. It’s because the cast members cared about each other so much, she argued.

“Because the love was real,” she said. “And I think that people are extremely psychic. And you had parents and children who respected each other. It wasn’t just – you know, we didn’t have a stupid dad. We had a wonderful dad, wonderful mom, great housekeeper.”

“People who loved the show when they were 8 or 11 are now 50 and 60,” her co-star Mike Lookinland chimed in. “It’s just like the music you loved when you first got outta the house, and fell in love with whatever band you loved. When you hear that band today, you still love it.”

McCormick agreed with her co-stars, saying it’s rare for a show’s cast to “click” as well as they did. Plus, she said, The Brady Bunch harkens back to a simpler time, especially compared to today.

“I think we are all actually, especially today, looking for a place to escape, and just to go back to simpler times,” McCormick said. “There’s basic things in life that are always really important and never change, and those are certain values. And I think the values in our show were really, really good, about sticking together and working through things, and working things out as a family, and helping each other.”

The cast of The Brady Bunch are apparently still sticking together and helping each other out to this day, proving that in television, at least, some things never change.