‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Throws It Back to Epic Full Cast Moment at Dodger Stadium

by Chase Thomas

The Brady Bunch was one of the most iconic shows of its era. The show has been a source of light and warmth to so many across the country even fifty years after the show left the small screen. One of the stars of the program in its prime, Maureen McCormick, took to her personal Twitter to reveal an epic full Brady Bunch cast moment at Dodger Stadium.

In the tweet, she wrote, “Happy #TBT to 1973. #DodgerStadium #JackLemmon #WalterMatthau and some friends of mine.”

The black and white photo featured the cast outside of the eldest Greg and the father Mike in the photo.

Fans loved the tweet, as one user tweeted, “Another great pic Maureen. Jack Lemmon was hands down my favorite actor. Thank you again for sharing.”

Another user tweeted, “My goodness. that photo is amazing and such a fond childhood memory.”

The Impact of ‘The Brady Bunch’

It’s hard to believe how long it has been since The Brady Bunch stopped creating new episodes, but it certainly has been a long time. However, now that so much time has passed, stars from the program have had the time and opportunity to reflect on the past and how the show specifically impact their particular lives.

Susan Olsen, who played Cindy on the show, opened up to the New York Post about the time in her life that she worked on the show and it affected her life.

She said, “I was teased unmercilessly. I know about bullying. But I had really good parents who gave me a lot of wisdom and at least I knew I wasn’t being bullied because I had club foot, but I was being bullied because [other kids] were jealous. One time I was riding my bike around the neighborhood and saw group of kids playing on big mound of dirt and I wanted to go play with them. I thought, “No, they won’t want me to play with them because I’m Cindy freakin’ Brady.”

Olsen’s Childhood on The Show

Unfortunately, part of the fame at such a young age from The Brady Bunch made her life a bit more complicated. She did not have the normal childhood and kids unfortunately teased her for it.

She concluded, “I thought, ‘Wait a minute, I’ve lived in this neighborhood longer than any of them have — I have just as much right to that mound of dirt than they do.’ So I got up my nerve and rode my bike over to them and tried to play with them and they started throwing dirt at me saying ‘Brady brat go home!’ I thought, ‘Wait a minute, I’m on a TV show and I have so much fun — I don’t blame them for being jealous and I’d rather be on that TV show than playing on a mound of dirt. So let them have their dirt.’”

And that was that and Olsen thankfully got past the difficult time and starred for many years on The Brady Bunch.