‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Mike Lookinland Reveals Favorite Episode

by Anna Dunn

The Brady Bunch star Mike Lookinland once revealed his favorite ever episode of the show. Lookinland played Bobby Brady, the youngest brother, on the infamous family show. His favorite episode has everything to do with how much he loved making it.

“My favorite episode is the one where Greg has to make a movie for his high school history class,” Lookinland explained in a 2019 interview with Today. “That episode was the most fun to make for me maybe, besides going to Hawai’i, just because we got to dress up and do special effects and do different things.”

After The Brady Bunch, Lookinland took a couple of parts here and there, but for the most part, stayed out of showbusiness. But he’s very willing to talk about his time on The Brady Bunch and what it meant to be a child star at the time. It wasn’t always easy. And sometimes, what was asked of him was quite strange.

Mike Lookinland Had to Dye his Hair for his ‘Brady Bunch’ Role

Producer Sherwood Schwartz wanted all the girls to have the same shade of blonde hair and all the boys to have the same shade of brown. The only exception they made in casting this way was for Mike Lookinland, who Schwartz thought was especially fantastic in the audition process.

But this meant he had to dye his hair, and looking back on it, Lookinland remembers just how much he didn’t like doing that.

“Practically the whole theme of the show from the beginning was a blonde mother and her three blonde daughters and a brunette father and three dark-haired boys,” Lookinland told The New York Post in 2019. And the aesthetics of that were very important.

“That was the fundamental premise of the show. I had kind of strawberry blond hair and when they cast me they told me I’d have to dye my hair. I didn’t like it and I recall it being very weird for me. No one ever really presented the hair color thing to me in that light and it was very strange for a 9-year-old boy to go to school one morning with red hair then show up on Monday with jet-black hair,” he explained.

Susan Olsen was a blonde, but she also had to dye her hair just to match up exactly with the other girls. But when it started falling out in season 2, they let her keep her natural hair color.

But despite the fact that things were occasionally a bit questionable, but Olsen and Lookinland have had a ton of fun looking back at their time on such a classic show, the good and the bad. And for both of them, their favorite episodes will always be associated with the good.