‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Susan Olsen Opened Up About Working in Radio

by Taylor Cunningham

When Susan Olsen retired from her The Brady Bunch role, she had a hard time finding new work in Hollywood. So, she switched things up and became a radio host.

Olsen’s acting career was both illustrious and stunted because of Cindy Brady. The actress played the iconic character in various projects over two decades. And thanks to that role, Susan Olsen is a household name.

But on the flip side, no one can see past Cindy when they look at the actress. And casting agents knew that. So over the years, she’s only landed a handful of jobs that aren’t linked to The Brady Bunch.

Her most recent project was the 2021 Blending Christmas, which actually starred some of her former Brady castmates. Though, the movie has nothing to do with the iconic sitcom.

Aside from that movie, she mostly starred in guest roles on shows like Pacific Blue and The Young and the Restless.

Because Susan Olsen enjoyed the entertainment business, she got creative and moved into the broadcasting world in the mid-90s. And she loved it. So Olsen has made a career out of it with a few different platforms.

“I started doing radio in 1995,” she told Fox News in a 2019 interview. “In terms of entertainment, it was always my favorite medium because I could just be myself.”

Susan Olsen Explained Why ‘Brady Bunch’ Is Still Loved

Though Susan Olsen has moved on to an entirely different entertainment medium, she still has a great love for The Brady Bunch. And she understands why fans do, too.

The original sitcom was a massive hit that spawned multiple spin-off shows and movies. And all of them are still hits in syndication, which is why we still write about it!

So why is the family so popular nearly four decades after the original run was canceled? We have our own guesses, but Susan Olsen probably said it best during a 2019 interview.

“The love was real,” she told the TODAY show. “I think that people are extremely psychic, and it shows. You had parents and children who respected each other. We didn’t have a stupid dad. We had a wonderful dad, wonderful mom, great housekeeper.”

As other Brady castmates have said in the past, the show aged well because the storylines are wholesome, and the jokes are innocent. So it’s a positive experience for every age group.

And Barry Williams once added that The Brady Bunch aired at precisely the right time. And that helped keep its popularity running.

“Like in life, everything has to do with the timing of things,” he told WFMZ-TV. “Syndication just came into its own right around that period of time, and that’s what has kept it on all these years. And it’s found a new generation of viewers.”