‘The Brady Bunch’: Susan Olsen Revealed Why Florence Henderson Was a Beloved TV Mother

by Joe Rutland

Being called a beloved TV mother is a big deal and Susan Olsen of “The Brady Bunch” had no qualms in calling
Florence Henderson just that.

After all, Outsiders, couldn’t we all agree that Henderson fit that role as Carol Brady?

Well, Olsen talked about her TV mom in an interview with Fox News.

In talking about Henderson, who died in November 2016 at 82 years old, Olsen said something that truly makes sense. She said it’s easy to see, even in February 2020 when she spoke with Fox News, why Henderson is still a beloved TV mother.

Henderson played Carol Brady on “The Brady Bunch” while Olsen played the youngest daughter, Cindy Brady.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Hopes People Remember How Henderson Made Them Feel

“I’ve always said that people are more psychic than given credit for,” Olsen said. “Our audience saw that Florence’s love was genuine. All of the love between the cast members was genuine and people were drawn to that.”

What does the former child star hope people remember at Henderson? How she made them feel, and how “their spirits [were] lifted and their faces smiling from her art.”

Henderson stayed busy after the ABC sitcom’s five-season run ended in 1974. Still, many people who saw “The Brady Bunch” in its network run and even in syndication watch those shows.

Actress Turned To Hypnosis As A Way To Help Her Deal With Stage Fright

While she was going through a divorce after 29 years of marriage, Henderson used hypnosis to help her cope.

This happened in 1985. That stress left her anxious. Worst of all, Henderson suffered a case of stage fright. That’s when she started using hypnosis in her life, according to a documentary called The Brady Bunch Exposed.

What happened? Well, Henderson found herself back on TV in 1985. She had a talk show called “Country Kitchen” and it was a hit.

Then she ended up being part of another special with “The Brady Bunch” cast.

It apparently worked, as Henderson was back on television later in 1985 with her own talk show Country Kitchen. 

One of the other interesting things about this show is just how people around the world connected with it.

Henderson talked about that in 1999 with the Archive of American Television. She thought “The Brady Bunch” reflected an idealized version of a family.

“And I don’t mean an American family, I mean a family anywhere in the world,” Henderson said. “Because this show has been on the air for so many years, I get mail from so many different countries – like 122 countries or something. So I know that this show represents something to people, you know, all races, all colors, religions.”