‘The Brady Bunch’: Susan Olsen Couldn’t Get Her Mind Around the House in ‘A Very Brady Renovation’

by Lauren Boisvert

The Brady house has been a source of nostalgia not just for fans, but for the stars of the show as well. In 2019, the surviving cast of “The Brady Bunch,” all six kids, gathered with HGTV to renovate the home in Studio City, California that was used for exterior shots on the show.

In a 2019 interview with the New York Post, Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” said she “couldn’t get [her] mind around” the fact that the Brady house looked exactly like the set on the inside.

“As a child I said there was no way that house could be this set, and they lied to me and told me I was wrong,” said Olsen, “that if you walked inside that house it looks exactly like our set. I was hoping to maybe be an architect or designer and couldn’t get my mind around that. It couldn’t possibly be.”

Turns out 8-year-old Olsen was right, and the house didn’t look anything like the set on the inside. “I was correct,” she said, “it didn’t look anything like that set.”

“A Very Brady Renovation” on HGTV made the house a reality; they renovated the home, recreating the set of the Brady house to a T. Of the house, Olsen said, “I just want to spend a night in the [“Very Brady Renovation”] house. I’d love to, but Eve [Plumb]’s totally not into it. She’s always been ‘The Reluctant Brady.'”

Susan Olsen Later Realized ‘The Brady Bunch’ was ‘Cool’

In the New York Post interview, Susan Olsen spoke about “The Brady Bunch” legacy. Surprisingly, no one thought it was cool for a while.

“The whole attitude was, ‘Oh, you were on that show,’ like as if I had written it. It just wasn’t taken seriously; it was totally disrespected, and as a result we were disrespected,” said Olsen. Initially, people thought “The Brady Bunch” was corny and too sugary-sweet. It wasn’t dark or edgy; it was feel-good 70s entertainment focusing on love and family. Sure, it was funny, but it was almost socially embarrassing to say you liked “The Brady Bunch.”

Olsen said, “Then, suddenly, the people who grew up on the show started coming into their own and being adults.” Olsen continued, “I think first time I realized ‘The Brady Bunch’ was cool was when I met the singer from the Black Crowes, who came running up to me and said, ‘Oh my gosh, our drummer would be crying if he was here because he has an ‘I Saw The Brady Bunch Live in Concert’ picture on his wall.’ Suddenly being cool with rock stars made a whole difference to me.”